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C - January 25

I know this would probably be better suited for the Postpartum forum, but I feel more comfortable here. I gave birth a little over 3 months ago, and since then have really been struggling to enjoy life. I love my little one, but my relationship with the father, who I now live with, has been short and difficult. I feel like every day is a struggle to be normal. I joined a new mothers group, but I still feel like an outsider there. Anyone relate?


Kristina - January 25

I never did join any new mothers groups, because I already know I would feel like an outsider. Most of the women who go to those are older then I am. I am 19. I get along with women older then me, but still feel out of place, ya know? I think it's more the fact that I think as soon as I am gone they are probably saying "What is she thinking! Having a baby so young..." You know the type. Have you spoken to your doctor about this? Depression in the first year PP is considered post partum depression. One in every 10 women gets it, so it's definitly nothing to be ashamed of. Are you b___stfeeding? If so, I am not sure of the available meds for depression, but talk to your doc! =) Good luck


Meredith - January 25

I feel like I just want to become a hermit right now. I barely even want to leave the house. I had my mother here for a month, and I felt so bad bc I kept her cooped up here with me. She started to look depressed, so I sent her home. I started turning my cell off, turning the ringer off on my home phone and it takes days to a week for me to return a phone call. People have been sincerely concerned that I was okay. I can relate to not feeling normal. I had depression as a teenager, so I do know how it feels. Your baby's father and do not get along or you do not know each other really? Since that is what you put in your post, I wonder if that is not the source of some of these feelings....


C - January 26

Meredith, in answer to your question about the baby's father -- we haven't been together all that long. In fact, we got together not long before I found I was pregnant. So, this has been a difficult time for both of us as we get to know each other in the relationship. It doesn't help things that I have never been this depressed.


Meredith - January 26

You are not the only one in this boat. I knew my baby's father one month before I got pregnant with his child. He did not move in with me until the baby was three months old. We did end up getting married a year after the baby was born. I was not even sure I wanted to "keep him" at first. Things WILL get better. Having a three month old is stressful, but the time will go by so fast you will wonder where it all went. The only thing that will help as far as the baby's father is time as well. The more time and expirences you share, the more at ease you will feel. May I suggest trying to go somewhere together for a weekend or something without the little one? I do not know if it is feasible for you, but it has helped my husband and I get along better before.


Dianna - January 26

Pregnancy made my past depression surface (it kind of never went away). During my pregnancy and after I gave birth, I felt just like you and me and my boyfriend were always arguing about something because I had become irritated quickly and easily over the stupidest things. I thought I was going to go crazy. My self esteem and confidence was as low as it could go and felt like I was trapped. I now see a psychologist and it has helped tremendously. Maybe you can consider see one. Things do get better over time.



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