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TamaraAngel - March 31

My son, who is almost 9 months old, has had a really bad cough for several months now. It started in mid-december and it's now almost April! He has had cold-like symptoms off and on, RSV like two months ago, and is just now getting over conjunctivitis in his eyes. All thru these other issues this cough has remained! The doctor acts like it's no big deal.... but he's not the one up every few hours with a baby who is coughing his head off! It gets worse at night, although he does cough through-out the day too. I have his mattress elevated, i rub him down with vicks every few hours, and i clean out his nose like every two hours! We have not slept through the night since before christmas!!! He starts coughing so hard that his eyes water and his face gets red. Sometimes he coughs until he gags, looks like he's choking, and then vomits! When he starts to cry from the pain of heavy coughing i give him baby tylenol which helps him sleep... i also started giving him some child cough medicine, even tho doctors can no longer recommend that... but it really isn't making much difference. I have tried a humidifier too, which also doesn't help. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Are there any other things i can do? Any ideas what might be wrong?????? Thanks for your help!


clindholm - March 31

I have not experienced this but I would get a second opinion. Your ped seems a little to unconcerned with how long this has lasted. Have you continued to vaccinate or has the ped held off due to the child being ill? I have learned not to trust docs, trust your mommy instincts!


alisonelecia - March 31

This sounds like what my nephew had. It may be bronchilitis (sp?). Basically the treatment is albuterol. You administer it at the doctors office and it clears their airways and relieves teh coughing. Bronchilitis can last for up to 4 weeks, but should get better with treatment. This may be what your ds has, but I'm no doctor. I would definitely get a second opinion. Has your son been putting on weight? This would be another concern of mine. Keep your head up and like clindholm said, trust your instincts!


mlm056 - March 31

Please trust your Mommy Instincts -- and get a second opinion. The fact that this has been going on for so long -- something doesn't seem right. My ped gave me this guideline -- something is up if lo has temperature, lo will not eat more than 16 oz in 24 hours, or if LO is in distress that prevents him from sleeping (ie ear infection, coughing/vomitting) -- time for a second opinion to see what is up will your little guy. Good luck.


TamaraAngel - April 2

Thanks guys! I am having trouble with the whole second opinion thing. Not sure how that works bc i have actually tried numerous times to change doctors. There is some policy in my area i guess... no doctor will take transfers! I have called every doctor in town! I was told it causes bad blood if one doctor takes patients from another. I have brought him to the ER two times and to a different doc who was on-call for my son's pedi. so i guess i have gotten other opinions. None of the docs found anything wrong, but they really didn't test for anything either. I have tried a different approach the past three nights and the coughing has been ALOT less! I was using an electric space heater in his bedroom at night... and kept his room very warm. I stopped using the heater and i have been using a cool-mist humidifier. He slept last night from 9pm - 8am this morning and only woke up twice with mild coughing! I hope this solves the problem! I just could kick myself for not thinking of it sooner! I hate that i was giving him meds when it may have just been caused by the dry heat of the heater! (Clindholm - the doc continues to vaccinate even when my son is sick... RSV, ear infections, etc... are they not supposed to??)


kimberly - April 2

Tamara, my dd is 7.5 months old and still hasn't gotten her 6 month shots because she has been sick. I have never heard of not being able to switch Dr. before. There should be a way to do it unless it inteferes with insurance or something. Could be a cough caused by allergies. I don't know where you live but it is Spring where I am and pollen and mold are very high right now. My middle son has bad allergies and his have been horrible lately he gets a bad cough too. I give hime dimetapp and it works great. He is 4 though so I don't know the dose for a baby. Sometimes the Dr. is wrong, try for a second opinion if moving the heater don't work.



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