Development Worries

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Lindsey - January 12

Hi, I have been reading through several posts about your babies development. My 7 month old can just about sit up, he falls to the side, he has no teeth (he shows signs but nothing yet), he only eats formula and porridge, he doesn't talk (only babbles) and is definately not potty trained. He feeds every 3 hours and wakes once or twice in the night. I understand that some babies develop quicker than others but I feel like my son is slower than most. I think I am just looking for some reassurance that my 7 month old is "normal"


LisaB - January 12

He sounds normal to me.


Lchan - January 12

Rest a__sured! Your baby sounds normal to me. My baby and my friend's babies were similiar in development at this age. My son was sitting up at this age, but most of the babies in his Gymboree cla__s are just starting to sit una__sisted at 7 months. Potty training won't happen for another few years ~ 2-1/2 - 3 yrs old. I have several friends with babies that are 9 months and none of their babies have teeth. My son got teeth at 5 months. Neither is considered abnormal.


Kara H. - January 12

If you are in the states you can contact your state's early intervention program for infant and toddlers for an evaluation. I had Max evaluated. He was a half point shy of qualifying for phyical/occupation therapy for his fine/gross motor skills. But the showed me all sorts of things to do with him to help catch him back up. It was well worth going thru the process.


kellens mom - January 12

Your little guy is right in line with our dd at that age. She really took off with development between 7 and 9 months. She was slow to add sounds to her vocabulary (Dada came WAY before Mama! drat!) She still does not know who dada or mama are. I think he is on track. There are some babies on here who can practically do cartwheels. Amazing...but they are NOT the norm.


Rabbits07 - January 12

Your baby sounds totally normal. Mason is doing EVERYTHING and I do mean everything anywhere from 2-3 months earler than what all my other kids did....all babies are different. All my other kids didn't sit una__sisted until about 7 months, didn't crawl until 10-11 months, didn't walk until 13 months, and no teeth until 9 months....they were on the later end of the normal spectrum, but normal nonetheless. As for your ds's diet of formula and porridge, that's fine too. There's no rule of thumb saying that they have to eat every fruit, veggie and meat under the sun by the time they are a year old. As for talking....I have never myself heard a 7 month old actually say words. I've heard of a very few women say their babies were talking understandably at that age, but in all the babies I've raised and encountered in my life I've never seen one do it so I think it's a well above normal baby who would be doing such at that age. Babbling is the only thing they are really expected to be doing in the normal range at that age......those babbles will eventually turn into mamas and dadas and babas in a short period of time. Potty trained? There's only ONE person I've ever seen post on here that their child was potty trained that early...and that's all I'm saying on that subject. Mason was still waking up 2-3 times a night at that age. He's now 9 months and still wakes at night every now and then. I don't think your son is slower than most...I think it's just that people whose babies do things early are more likely to mention it because they are proud that their baby is doing something early. As KAra mentioned, there are programs that will evaluate your little guy if you ever feel the need (I have used that program myself twice with 2 of mine that had speech delay). Sometimes it turns out they are behind, sometimes only a little behind and sometimes not behind at all. Just enjoy his "babiness" doesn't last long enough!


torbman - January 12

Lindsey if I didn't know any better I would have thought that I wrote this :) My son is 2 weeks older and doing the same things right down to the tee.Every baby is different though so try not to worry. He will when he is ready. ( I learned that from a bunch of awesome women on here :) ) Tamara


Jenn2 - January 12

Hey Lindsey! I just wanted to say that your son sounds totally fine. I was just reading a developmental chart the other day, and it showed that the average age for babies to sit una__sisted is 7 months. The average age for a baby to crawl was 8 months, and then to walk was not until 12 months. And the potty training thing is like Lchan said, 2.5 years or so. I actually read that it can be detrimental to try and potty train a child before they are ready. With that said......every baby is different, and I cant tell you how many children I have known that may seem like they are behind.....and then boom...within a few weeks will walk, crawl, and pull up on things, and all of a sudden they are ahead of their peirs. Try not to compare your baby to others. What I cant stand is when I go out in public, and random strangers come up to me, and out of nowhere start asking me if my baby has learned to sit, crawl, walk, etc, etc. Just last week I had a woman ask me if she is walking yet???? I was like, "no, she is only 7 months old". Just work with your LO, and he will be fine.


bbmax - January 12

My ds just turned 9 months last week. He just started sitting up solidly really. He started at 7 months but he wobbled a lot then. Now he can certainly sit up but once in a while he falls back because he is a heavy baby I think. He still just babbles. He got his two bottom teeth just before Christmas at about 8 and a half months so don't worry. Your baby sounds fine. I would question anyone who says their babies are potty trained at 7 months or even before 1 year.


AlissaF - January 12

My son's development has been closely monitered because he is a failure to thrive baby with pretty bad nutritional problems. He is at the higher end of average for development (at last check) and is doing close to the same things as your son. He will be 7 months next week. He's been sitting up on his own for a while, but still falls over after a while. He sorta babbles, but the only consinent/vowel sounds I have heard so far is "ga". He eats formula and I am still working on getting him to eat cereal and fruits. He is definitely behind in eating, but that is due to his problems. Teethwise, one poked through on x-mas eve, but then disappeared again. He has two that want to come through, but I have yet to see them. He wants to crawl, but hasn't quite figured out the mechanics of it yet. So basically what I am saying is that your son seems to be normal and fine! Worry not!


sahmof3 - January 12

All of those sound normal for a 7 month old to me :-)


ash2 - January 12

My little one is 7 months, and he just got his 2 bottome teeth within 3 days. He babbles " baba" and " mama"...but i wouldnt worry, he sounds like he is trucking along just fine !


aurorabunny - January 12

Just to agree with what everyone else said---sounds totally normal. My son is 6 months and is doing pretty much what your 7 month old is, except he's still needing propping to sit up. Sounds good---I know it's practically impossible not to compare your baby to others, but try not will only drive you nuts. =)


Lindsey - January 13

thankyou for all your responses, it is impossible to compare my ds to other babies on here, my 2 nieces are 5 and 6 and none of my friends hve kids so all i have is this forum for advice. I would be lost without you all and i think it's great that I can come on here and ask questions like this. Yes compared to SOME babies my ds is a little slower developing than others but the rea__surance of you girls makes me realise I am fretting over nothing and should let nature takes it's course. At the end of the day, my ds will walk, talk and eat proper food, but he will do it in his own time. Thanks once again for your rea__suring comments.



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