DH Becoming Such A Baby Hog

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Deirdra - January 30

Ok SO i know i complained about when Josh wasnt helping me...but now i dont get a chance!!!! i only really get like midnight feedings...i mean ill do diaper chages and outfit changes but then DH takes him right back!!! i dont know i kindof feel like im being pushed to the dust?? am i wrong?? my son barely even smiles at me now and the first thing he does when he sees my hubby is a big toothless grin and giggles...josh doesnt even need to smile...i need to work like crazy to get him to smile...when before it was completely oppisite....


mandee25 - January 30

I can't say I have the same problem.It's kinda nice to see a man want to help care for their child. Don't get me wrong. My dh helps out bit I have to ask usually. He works all day and when he comes home I would like him to do 1 feeding before he goes to bed anyway and a diaper change here and there. My ds is 10 weeks and absolutely adores his daddy. He can get him to smile anytime but me, I have to work a bit harder. Maybe it's a guy thing. lol


USMC_wife - January 30

Just last night my dh revealed to me that he's a bit jealous that dd always smiles at me and prefers me. I had to rea__sure him it was only because I'm with her all day.(not to mention carried her for 9 mos.......) So, this morning he grabs her and feeds her before I even had a chance to think about it! It must be what they start doing when they feel left out.


Lisastar9 - January 30

I am sure when your dh can't handle ds he will come running to you to fix ds's proble. No worries you are still Mommy .


Renea - January 30

Sometimes I think that men tend to back off from an infant at the beginning for fear of hurting them (they think they are so fragile) I know from my own experience my dh doesn't really get "involved and interact" until they are about 2 months. He will hold the baby and give an occational diaper change. Bath time is out of the question--he is too afraid to do that until they are about 6 months. But once they are about 2-3 months old, he is so attentative and involved.


ash2 - January 30

I agree with renea...maybe now that the baby is actaulyl showing him attention that he likes, then it really affects him in a good way...Men like to feel loved and wanted, so maybe that is just what he needed : ()


Elle - January 30

Deirdra, I have the same issues. I actually wanted to post about it but I was afraid I would get attacked. Sometimes I feel like I had my dd for dh - I feel unneeded and pushed right out of the picture. He hogs her terribly! Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled dh is so involved and loves her so much! But I'm still, and always will be, the mama! And you will too! Nothing can ever replace us. Hopefully this will bring your little family closer together. Take care sweetie!



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