Dh Is Driving Me CRAZY

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LisaB - June 30

Ok just a vent last night I was babysitting for my friends nine yr old dd and dh comes home from work around 10is I was on the couch almost asleep and dh asks me whats wrong I said nothing was wrong little girl I'm babysitting for says oh shes just tired. ( I had just told girl I was babysitting for I was tired to avoid another game of 20 questions) Anyway dh gets p___sed that I'm tired. WTF!!!!!!!! If I get sick or am up all night with ds and am tired he always gets p___sed at me and then blames it on me. I don't get it it is driving me crazy. Hey heres an idea if you don't like me being tired firgure out how to get ds to sleep thru the night or back me when I try. Or god forbid get up with ds in the am and don't walk around like a saint for a week about it. OK feel a bit better, dh is a good guy just driving me nuts today!!!


TinaMarie - June 30

I am so sorry but I was laughing when reading this. Not laughing at you, just at the fact that my hubby and your hubby may be long lost brothers...lol. I knew before we got pregnant that he was not a 50/50 type of guy and that is just fine. I love him to pieces just the way he is. But 3 weeks ago my son got a flu and gave it to my hubby. He was in bed for 8 days (no kidding) eating meals in bed, asking for back rubs cause he was so achey and just whining. So needless to say I ended up w/ the same flu. I was really sick, fever, chills etc and the was one day I just could not get out of bed. It is almost 2 weeks later and he is still telling people how exhausting it was taking care of the baby and OH NO he had to make his own dinner...lol. Turn me in for being a bad wife...lol. Anyways, I just giggle at him and tell him I love him.


Gwenna-mom - June 30

Are you guys sure we didn't marry identical triplets? I got the flu when dd was only 7 weeks old. I had a fever of 102 and I just wanted to die. I told him that I wanted to take an afternoon nap and he went ballistic. 2 days later he gets the same flu and is a HUGE baby. I said, "Yeah, I know how you feel, it was the same for me." He just said that I should have complained more and made him understand how bad I felt. Uh huh....I wish I could say I was a doting wife during this episode with the flu.


shari - June 30

Hey ...when we were in the delivery room, my dh somehow tweeked his back and couldn't stand or move...I was sitting there with a newborn and all the nurses were tending to HIM. When we got home he was on muscle relaxers and painkiller so I basically had to take care of him, the baby and my other child.(who is in a wheelchair) Totally sucked!! I love him , but he can be a wee bit selfish, too. Men can be such babies!


jb - June 30

Guys are such babies!!! I can't complain about dh, but I know my brother is a big wuss. He had a head cold a few weeks ago. Granted, he was really sick..but the guy actually would LIMP when he would walk to get food or go to the bathroom!!! Can you believe it......a LIMP!!!! What a dork!!! Thank god my sil won't put up with his "poor me" c___p!!!



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