DH Vent OMG He Is Soooo LAZY

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reachbree - January 29

DO I really need to divorce my husband over this stupid c__p??? I cant stand it anymore. He wont help do anything around the house. He does work a tough schedule, Mon-Fri 4:30pm-2am and every other saturday in a car plant factory, tough physical work) HOWEVER....I have a 9-5 job too, plus I take care of baby throughout the night, before work and after work.... Its one thing for my husband to not help with the house chores, but another thing when he is sooo extremely messy. He dropps food on the floor..will NOT pick it up,...he has atleast 12 pairs of dirty socks all over my living room and dining area. DIRTY Clothes drooped over the couch and dining set....and floor, over babies toys EVERYWHERE.... piled up dirty underwear on the bathroom floor (Bathroom way too small for a hamper but I have put one outside the bathroom and somehow..SOME FREAKIN WAY, he threw his dirty stuff OUTSIDE of the hamper..I mean come on now what sense does that make??? HE spills crumbs all over the kitchen...He turns over stuffed draws upside down in the bedroom, will not pick the stuff up and put back the drawer, I have even had to stop sleepin in my own bedroom becuase of his junk. I constantly clean after him, plus baby, plus myself...but he is the worse of them all!!! Ive been married to this man for going on 5 yrs and he just does not get it. I have begged him to "Please just try to keep your stuff picked up" Even if he doesnt help clean...he can atleast keep his things picked up. Last saturday, once again, i cleaned High and low, on my knees scrubbing the corners of my bathroom and kitchen floors and everything you can think of....thenext day, dh decides to shave and cut his own hair...lets just say theres little shavin hairs in every nook and crany in my bathroom and hallway. All he can say is "I know, i'll get it up" he never did and never will. and on top of all of that. He never showers, he thinks that men only need to "wash up" over the sink.....he works in a Car plant factory, welding metal ect ect ect....he comes home with horrible body odor, plus the smell of the factory to where it wakes me out of my sleep (he gets home about 3:30 every morning). He worries me too because I think it is unhealthy for our 5 month old son to be around car factory odors, i mean theres chemicals ect ect and i constantly have to ask him when he comes in to PLEASE PLEASE wash your hands before touch/handling the baby...I also ask him to get undress out of his work clothes before coming near baby because the odors are very strong and i dont want baby inhaling them.. He just doesnt get it............ PS- he thinks it is OK to take our babies diaper cloth that has been all over the dirty floors (our vacuum is broken) and wipe his (babies) mouth with it.. I always have to tell him "if it touched the floor then please go in the nursery and grab a fresh one" Im so annoyed...


vonzo - January 29

Wow sounds like you have a bit of a grubby husband there. I can relate to the smellyness, my dh works in a tyre factory and comes home absolutely stinking of rubber. But when he gets in he has a quick wash, plays with dd and asks if there's anything that needs done. Then he'll go have a proper long bath or shower after that.I'm very fortunate that mine will help out alot, fair enough i do have to nag at him to do certain things but he always does them in the end. Would he be happy to live in his own filth if you didn't clean up after him? You could say you're not gonna cook his dinner for him or do whatever you do that he likes for him untill he gets his act together because you're sick of it. Kind of go on strike but not so much so to put yourself out (if that makes sense) You already have one child you do not need to be looking after another! Ask him if he'd wipe his own mouth with a bit of toilet roll that he's just wiped his bum with....


Lisastar9 - January 29

Oh I so hear you on the lazy dh vent,I wish I had some advice to give you . What I considered lazy in my dh may not be the same as you. Has he always been like this since you have been married or has it changed since baby was born. If you want to vent in a email to me you can lisa.schumann at gmail.com


Lisastar9 - January 29

Ask him if he'd wipe his own mouth with a bit of toilet roll that he's just wiped his bum with.... =...LMAO vonzo that was great.


hello - January 30

Yikes, how often does he end up showering then? This should have somehow been stopped ages ago... I agree go on strike to some degree, scream yell, make it more evident to him how sick of it you are....... sorry to hear u are going thru this


apr - January 30

ok, this may be a bit far tetched, but this is wat I would do. Just leave his socks and whatever else he leaves around where he leaves it. At some point he's not going to have any socks left, so he'll be like, honey I dont have any socks left. So you can say, oh well I did a whole load of laundry last week. I didnt see any socks in the hamper. He'll be like, they right here on the floor. So you answer back, well, whatever reaches the hamper gets washed. At some point he's going to get the hint. The same applies to anything else he leaves flying around the place. I understand you, because you obvioulsy dont want your house turning into an upheavel, but maybe that will teach him. I really dont know how to help you with the other stuff, b/c he doesnt seem to be very bothered about mess. I hope things turn out for you. Its awful living in a pig sty


vonzo - January 30

oh i just realised that you said you'd wiped the floor with the baby wipe, i thought you meant it had wiped your baby's bum first...that's why i made that comment...oops my bad!



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