Diaper Advice For A Boy PLEASE

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angeev - November 9

Hello-I am a first time mom of a 2-week old boy. I haven't been around little boys much. I know diapers leak and that is life, but I am changing his bedding 3-4 times through the day and night and his clothes more often. I do change him frequently, sometimes the diaper is barely wet when there is a leak, sometimes it is saturated (after a long sleep). I have woke him up to change him, moved to the next size and we are on our 5th brand of diapers. No luck. It is coming out the left side through the leg (everytime) and sometimes up his back as well. I have put the diapers on in every degree of tightness. This seemed to start once the ring from his circ_mcision fell off. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, what diapers seemed to work best (I will pay any cost at this point) or does positioning the tabs a certain way help? And, this might seem like an odd question, but might aiming the p__s a certain way help? I always feel like unless it is pointed upward it might be uncomfortable for him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I hate to think everytime he goes to sleep he will wake up in his own pee-that can't be comfortable. THANKS!!


DDT - November 9

Oh, the p___s ALWAYS has to be pointed downward! It is not uncomfortable but the natural positioning. That is probably the reason for all those leaks. He is peeing right out of his diaper. I found Pampers Swaddlers to work the best when my lo was 0-2.5 months old and then because of his chunky thighs I switched to Huggies. The diaper should be on fairly tight so that the tabs are almost meeting in the middle.


kim00 - November 9

I'm not positive, as I don't have boys, but I believe if you point his p___s downward, it should resolve most of the issues.


mamatom - November 9

I agree with pointing his p___s downwards. I use walmart's brand and that one seems to work the best for me (and cheapest). Good luck!!


Punkin - November 9

I agree with pointing the p___s down, and that Swaddlers work the best, but we have a bunch of newborn Huggies, and you have to make sure the "wings" around the legs are out. I don't know how to explain it, but the little ruffles that go around the thighs, run your finger through them and make sure they are out, this solved this problem for us! :)


rohan - November 9

agree with all of them - Penis down. Diaper should be snug but not too tight - should be able to fit in a finger or two easily . we have had good luck with both Swaddlers and Huggies. But even with all this my baby used to leak once in a while when he was that young - and as he grew older no more leaks. I think the diapers just fit him better now.


jodie - November 9

I am deffinately a pampers fan for boys. My son is 2 now but I have always had luck with pampers for him. I found these things though at toys r us...I am sure they sell them other places, but they are called diaper doublers and they kind of look like a maxi pad. YOu just put it in the diaper when you change them and it absorbs extra pee. I use them in his night time diaper and we never have leaks. His little weeny is to small to aim anywhere...hahaha so the diaper doublers work great. Goood luck!


wailing - November 9

Pampers Swaddlers works for me.Only cheap brand that wasclose was Costco (Kirkland) generic diapers. If there isn't one near u, order online at Amazon.com


lin7604 - November 9

i had the same problem with my ds at that age. Pampers swaddlers worked the best for me too and i found that he had to have diapers that the tabs stretched or he would get leaks! I use huggies overnights at bedtime and haven't had a problem either with those but i do put one size larger on him for nighttime as well. We went to the other pampers after he out grew the swaddlers as they were much cheaper but they didn't have the stretchy tabs ont hem at that time ( now they do) so he leaked, we buy them now though and all is well again.


angeev - November 9

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY!! We have aimed down for the past 2 changes and so far so good. But tonight will be the real test. Fortunatly we have many diaper brands on hand to try!



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