Diaper Brands

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Kelly - August 23

I have heard that there are some diapers that we better than others when it comes to infant boys vs. girls. I know that I will likely need to try different ones out but does anyone have any advice as to what might be best for a baby boy. Thanks.


Shelly - August 23

My little man is 2 weeks old today and i had received a bunch of diapers for my babyshower;pampers swaddlers,huggies and luvs.Every time a change him i use a different one but sofar i like the pampers the best.HE stays the driest in them and they are soooo soft.Once i run out i will keep buying the pampers.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 23

Well, we do have a baby girl, but just from my experience with her, we loved pampers swaddlers in the beginning. For size two we really like Huggies Supreme. I think it just depends how your baby develops.


chelsey - August 23

I used Pampers Swaddlers with my little girl, and now I use them with my little man. He's almost 6 weeks. They keep him the driest, and they are softer and seem more flexible. However, if his "member" is not positioned right, it doesn't matter what diaper I use, he's bound to pee up to his neck anyways! I found that with my daughter, Pampers were the best through all stages. But remember, if the baby needs to EXPLODE, nothing will stop it! Just ask my favorite jeans!


Kelly - August 23

Thanks for all of your advice! Good luck with all of your newborns!


Kathryn - August 24

I will only use pampers. I bought a case of huggies and hate them. They have a bad oder to them when wet and Nathan doesn't stay dry in them. I don't have any problems with pampers. Does anybody know what I can do with about 75 diapers? I guess I could donate them.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 24

Kathryn, you can sell them on ebay (or send them to me lol) Just look on ebay or you can put them in your local newspaper. Even if you only get like 10 dollars for them that will buy half a pack of diapers!


Kathryn - August 24

Thanks Stephanie. I guess I didn't think about doing it that way. It is a case with three packs inside. I opened on pack, but still have the other two. I'm going to have a yard sale in a few weeks and I'll try to sell them there. Thanks!



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