Diaper Change In The Middle Of The Night Waking Him Up

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eclectic66 - October 15

My ds is 12 weeks old today and I am trying to get him into somewhat of a bedtime routine to help encourage sleeping through the night. I usually change his diaper in the middle of the night after one of his feedings, but when I do this he wakes up and doesnt go back down easily (and I do change it with minimal lighting and try not to talk). I was thinking that if I stopped trying to change his diaper once he's down for the night that he may sleep longer. I put him to bed with a dry diaper and I figured as long as he's not leaking then perhaps I could get away with not changing him if he's not fussy. Agggg, I"m rambling sorry....lol Anyone else have any tips on this subject?? I cant seem to come up with a good solution on this....lol


guccigal87 - October 15

yea that is waking him up... there are two things you can try... first while my son was young i wouod change his daiper FIRST then feed... i find the diaper wakes them up then the bottle puts them back down and calms them down... now that my son is older i dont change him at all unless ABSOLUTELY necasary


lily10 - October 15

I had the same issue with the middle of the night diaper change. My dd would wake up from her diaper change and it was quite difficult to get her back to sleep. Just last week I decided to try Huggies Overnights diapers, they are meant to hold more wetness so that the baby can make it through the night. I have to say I am happy with them so far, they absorb a ton. They are a little pricey ($10.99 for 36) but I figured they would last quite a while since I am only using one a night. They also don't make them in any sizes smaller then a 3 but I know you have a big guy so they will probably fit him soon if not right now.


excited2bemama - October 15

I stopped changing my dd diaper after she stopped pooping after every feed- I thinl it was around 8-10 weeks. If he isn't poopy he probably doesn't need to be changed. my dd wears target brand diapers during the day and pampers at night since they are the only ones I found that can hold all that pee.


wailing - October 15

I also stopped changing ds during the nite. I use the Pampers Swaddlers or Costco brand and they hold alot of pee. Ds is B'fed so doesn't poop that often. Once he hit 6 6-8wks and started sleeping for longer stretches I stopped changing him as often. He's been fine. And w/ the Pampers u can feel if they are full or not. When they're full they feel squishy and not crinkly (if that makes sense). Good Luck.


eclectic66 - October 15

Ty I feel better about NOT changing him in the night now if he's not fussy :-) Lily-I will try the huggies overnight that you were talking about bc he is about to transition into a size 3 right now so they should fit. Thanks to you all again for your solutions.


jen327 - October 15

Try changing his diaper 1/2 way through the feeding. I feed 1 b___st then switch to the other after a change.


CWeber - October 16

I changed mine during the night but do not use any wipes (he was never poopy) as they are cold and would wake him more. Just swapped diapers. I would feed him most of his meal and then change him and either put him back to the b___st for a while or bottle if I was bottle feeding. Worked to settle him back down and make him sleepy again quickly. I always liked knowing they were dry, atleast for a short while.


DDT - October 16

Try using one size up on diapers for the night time sleep. My ds (8 months old) wear size 3 during the day and size 4 at night. It helps prevent leaks by soaking up more pee. I started doing that when he was about 2 months old. I also stopped changing his diaper at night during this time. My lo also stopped pooping in the middle of the night at this time. Now he's an early morning pooper.


crystal74 - October 16

When he wakes in the middle of the night for a feeding, change him first, then feed him. With a little night light and no noise, change him, then feed him and he should go right back to sleep. This is what I have done from the beginning and still do when Lincoln wakes up for a feeding. I never wake him up just to change him, I always wait till he wakes up then I change him first then feed him which puts him back to sleep/


crystal74 - October 16

even if he is crying through the changing, Lincoln falls right back to sleep once I put him on the b___st AFTER I change him first.


c_baer19 - October 16

My DD is almost 3 months old, and I don't change her diaper during the night. I put one on her right before bed, and she doesn't poop until she wakes up in the morning. If I were to change her diaper, she would wake up and be wide awake.



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