Diaper Changing Battle

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krnj - March 2

My son has started to fight me whenever he's on the changing table. He flips over & screams. I've tried to bring in a few little toys to distract him & put music on but nothing helps! I put him on the floor to change him but he'll just flip over & try to get up. Has anyone else been through this?


bradylove - March 2

yup! twice! It's totally normal, they just don't want to be confined or prevented from playing, etc... I know my first eventually calmed down a bit, but he was never the same again for diaper changes. They're just so darn wiggly!!!


Allie - March 2

Almost every diaper change! Chloe will be9 months on Monday, and she is constantly flipping herself over and trying to crawl away; when I hold her feet so she cant flip, she struggles and straightens her body...every change has become a struggle...giving her a toy will workabout 1/2 the time, but the rest of the time she just doesn't want to sit still that long.


Erynn21 - March 2

OMG yes, my dd is almost 6 months and now she scrunches up her legs to her belly and will not let them down. It drives me crazy, or she kicks, she's like trying to put a diaper on a mule, kicking and kicking.


Kelly K - March 2

I usually give Madison something to play with that she normally doesn't get to (i.e. remote control, my cell phone, etc.). It usually distracts her long enough to let me get it changed. She's 15 months old now and we still battle the diaper change.


rl- - March 2

oh my ds thinks it is just a big game to see if he can get away before I can get the diaper on him LOL he laughs and laughs as he is trying to get away but at some point I have to make him be still he wears me out..... sometimes I make dh do it cause I get tired of trying LOL!!!


ashtynsmom - March 2

My dd is 13 mos old and has a fit every time I change her!! It is so frustrating... I feel for ya!


Shea - March 2

Yep...it's like wrestlemania every diaper change. The only thing that sometimes works is to toss a cloth or his shirt, etc over his face and say "where is Braden???" and go on about how I can't find him..he laughs and it buys me a minute.


bradylove - March 2

And I don't know if this is just boys, but as soon as the diaper is off the hand is in there pulling at whatever he can reach...ouch! oh and hand-in-poop is an everyday occurence!


mrsfiveday - March 3

Ha ha my ds is 8 months and is horriblr for the rolling and struggling with the diaper changes. My dad asked me to bring a staple gun when they watch him to staple his sleeper to the floor to change his diaper. I too give him the remote or cordless phone (its bright red and the keys light up orange)


Erin1979 - March 4

It doesn't stop! My daughter is 18 months, and when she hears the word dipaer, she runs, kicks screams......I can't wait for no more diapers!!!


Jmom - March 4

My ds is almost 12 months and we go through this all the time- especially when he has a poopy diaper!



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