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kashi - March 5

hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone has any experience with natural infant hygiene? i have just finished reading the book and i think this is just amazing! for real! i really want to try it. any stories to share? and for those who don't know what i'm talking about: check out www.natural-wisdom.com and let me know what your thoughts are... thanks in advance!


kashi - March 13

well, there must be someone out there who tried it? anyone? please...


Maureen - March 13

Kashi-I never tried it but I was told that bathing a newborn in an infusion of Camamille Tea is very good for their skin and gets them nice and clean. Of course you wait until the Tea gets cooler. Do they discuss this in your book?


D - March 15

Interesting... I never heard of this before! I found a website with lots of articles on it on the subject.... www.diaperfreebaby.org


kashi - March 17

maureen: yes, chamomille is good for the skin, but i don't quite get the connection from natural infant hygiene and a chamomille bath? i'm sorry, maybe i'm just stupid right now? anyways, they do not discuss that in the book i've read, since one would "pee" the baby right in the toilet or equivalent and baby wouldn't have diaper rashes, because it doesn't wear diapers at all... thanks for your response anyways. and to "D": thanks for the link!


D - March 17

I think maybe just the words "natural infant hygiene" made her think of natural cleansers..... Don't know! Anyway, I talked about my husband about this, and we agreed its no loss to give it a try! If I still have internet access in 6-7 months, I'll try to remember to stop in and tell you how its going!


kashi - March 19

to D: when are you expecting your baby? i think it's amazing that you'll give it a try, i'll do the same too! it won't hurt! i already got a changing pad where baby is going to sleep on which is water resistant. i'll just put a nice soft blanket on top which i can wash in case there are some accidents... i just hope i'll get the hang of it quickly! everybody i tell about this looks at me as if i am a mad woman! but i am quite determined to follow through with it as long as baby cooperates. which shouldn't be a problem, since that seems to be what baby does naturally... well, i am glad to know someone who will try it also!


D - March 21

I figure its no loss! If it doesn't work, so what? I've changed a whole lot of diapers in my life, and I'm sure I'll change a lot more! I'm a little worried what all the family who will come visiting will say.... but hey, they already think I'm strange and like me anyway! I'm due Oct 15. I haven't gotten any "stuff" yet, so I guess I need to start thinking about what differences this would make in what I need if it works! I really thought my husband would think it is crazy - he didn't read any of the articles, I just told him about it. I was very surprised when his first response was, "so, try it!" It would be pretty cool to have a potty trained 1 year old! I have friends who are still struggling with their 5 year olds!


kashi - March 22

hey D! i'll have my baby sometime beginning of may, and i'm planning on starting right away. i do have some organic cotton diapers thou (prefolds). i got them from a friend. i won't buy any covers, i think. it'll be summer and really hot here so i think the plastic covers are too much, wool isn't much cooler either. i won't get a changing table and stuff like that either. if i'll change diapers then i'll do it on top of the chest where baby's clothes are in. i am currently reading the book again, just trying to get it all right - i only have about 7 more weeks to go! unbelievable! time pa__ses so quick! and i am getting quite nervous! i guess this isn't your first baby? and yeah - i am the strange one in our family also, but i guess they are used to it by now, this is just another of my different approaches for them. and they know that it doesn't really make much sense trying to get me to do it otherwise. my husband is the same way too. you are pretty much the first and only person i know of whao has been raised vegan! how was that for you growing up that way? are you planning on raising your baby vegan also?


D - March 22

Yes, I think I will try to raise the baby vegan - at least 99% of the time! Its harder when we're visiting and don't want to offend everyone by asking what every ingredient is. As for why I was raised vegan.... When my mom was 18, she looked at a fish, and decided she didn't want to eat it, and never ate meat again. On my dad's side, he was raised lacto-ovo vegetarian. My parents were pretty much lacto vegetarian by the time I was born. Then, they found out right away that I was allergic to dairy. It was easier for them to cut out the dairy than fix two separate meals all the time. Now they have studied the research, and believe they are much healthier to remain vegan. I slip back into the dairy products every now and then if I'm not careful (the symptoms of allergy have diminished with time). I can tell you for sure, though, that I feel a LOT better and have a LOT more energy when I stick to a strictly vegan diet. How was it for me growing up? Well, I didn't know any different for a long time! My mom made sure we had enough vegan food for me when we went visiting, and my allergy made it seem less strange to everyone. I was able to accept my differences without it bothering me. When I started school, it got more challenging when other kids brought things I love, like ice cream, to school for everyone. As for my husband, I think it is really strange, but his non-vegetarian parents raised him (& his sister) lacto-ovo vegetarian. When they got older, they made their own choices. His sister will eat meat on occasion, but my husband won't. Although, she just enrolled in a dietary education cla__s where the benefits of veganism are discussed in greath length, so I suspect things will change for her too. I was raised in N. California, where veganism (and a lot of other alternative "green" lifestyles!!!) are much more common. Now, I live in the Southeast US, and people just think I'm crazy! Oh yes, my family has given up on changing me too... My parents are the "strangest" in the extended family (vegan, off the grid living, etc), and I suspect that in my immediate family, I get that t_tle! Since you are so far ahead of me, maybe I can hear how its going for you and what you learn about this diaper free business! Hope I didn't bore you too much!


D - March 22

Kashi - I forgot to answer one question - unbelievable with the length of that post!!! This is my first. I have so much to learn!


kashi - March 23

hi D: yeah, this is my first baby also, lots to learn! i am so exited! have you read "raising vegan childern in this non-vegan world"? it's a cool little book, has some helpful tips about the whole thing. even thou you might not feel like you will be reinventing the wheel as much as i, since you have been raised vegan? i don't know. i've been raised on lots and lots of dairy, eggs and some meat, mainly chicken, turkey and fish. i never really liked red meat. but i think i'll be alright, at least i have the full support of my husband. you know, i was thinking i could give you my email, so if you feel like writing, that'd be cool! seems like we have a lot in common :) it's [email protected] oh, and no! you're not boring me! i find it very interesting! finally someone who is on the same page!


D - March 24

Kashi- I emailed you.... I'm curious, what got you interested in EC (diaper free) and veganism?


kashi - March 24

hey D: got our email this morning, thanks! i'll email back to you when get home from work tonight. bye :)


Moocher - April 16

I saw something about that on the news the other day. It was amazing! They showed this women who has successfully potty trained all her 3 children from birth. They showed this little baby who had only just learned to sit unaided on the potty and having a wee. Incredible! It's great for the enviroment and it saves money. Unfortunately they didn't say exactly how she did it and I can't find any books on the subject so far. Kashi, can you tell me what the book you read is called and who published it please? I want to order it. I'd really like to try it.


E - April 17

Kashi, I read that you are not buying a changing table. I did not either, and personally, I think they are a waste of money. I bought a nice changing pad with some soft chamois covers, and I change his diapers on the floor, where he is safest. It seems very unsafe to change a baby's diapers atop anything that he could fall off of. You may want to reconsider using your chest as well. The floor works great:) We are also vegetarian, but not vegan. I can't wait to cut up chic patties (Morningstar) and feed them to my little guy. To think of all of the delicious foods he will experience brings me much joy. I can't wait to share the same diet with him. XOXO


D - April 18

check out www.naturalwisdom.com and www.diaperfreebaby.org



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