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>> - April 13

Has anyone used the Diaper Genie, or another Diaper trash can? How do you like it?


Maleficent - April 13

i didn't care for the diaper genie. i never could figure out how to re load the thing, and it ended up being a big ha__sle. i like the diaper champ, it takes regular trash bags and can be worked with one had. i'm thinking of getting one but probably wont cause i have a 7 year old who will throw the diapers away for me. lol.


michelle - April 13

I thought the Diaper Genie was a waste of money. I shake the poop into the toilet, roll the diaper up, and then stick into a plastic grocery bag. Cheaper and easier for those of us who are tech challenged ;).


Maureen - April 14

We use the Diaper Genie, we have 2 of them, one in the baby room and one in the kitchen. We find they work very well, and we don't smell anything after we deposit the "package" in the Genie. Big draw back is, I don't think it's too enviromentally Friendly. While I'm on the subject, does anybody know if used diapers can be recyclable? I saw something on the TV about it before I was even Pregnant but too bad I didn't pay enough close attention to it. From what I understood from that show, somewhere in the world, a Company is using used regular plastic diapers like Huggies to make something else like tires? Did anybody see it or know anything about it? Thanks.


Kara - April 16

I also like the diaper genie, although my baby is b___st feed her bowels smell sour and not bad. But once she eats solid foods they are going to be bad, the diaper genie keeps the sour b.m. out of my air. The diaper Genie also smells very fresh and almost impossible for baby to get into! I for one love the diaper genie it sure beats the foul poopy smell!


c - April 20

i use the DG. Love it... wish it held more diapers though! Would deffinantly recommend it. good luck


Kerry - May 3

Myself as well love the DG but do wish they made them hold more maybe a larger size It's great no smell


Jane - May 4

I use the diaper genie for my son. Its ok. It keeps the smell out of the air pretty good.


alysia - June 9

im trying everything and im putting the bag into the hole and when i turn tyhe knob it cuts it. how to i get it to stop cutting it and just turn it like im suppose to?


Katharine - June 9

Love the diaper genie. Was the first thing I received for my second pregnancy!


Kim - June 18

Alysia, you need to turn the ring before you close the lid. Drop the diaper in and twist ring at top. You're right, if you close first then turn circle you cut the bag.


TeeTee - June 22

Have the diaper genie and like it. Keeps the smell in that's for sure.


Barbara - July 4

Hi,I just had my baby boy on June 24th, I use the Diaper Champ,it works great and you dont need special bags for it either just regular kitchen bags. No smell either. I got it at Babies r us.


Skyfeather - July 4

No one gave us a diaper pail at the baby shower and I use a regular garbage bin. We just fold the diapers up good and toss them in and we really dont smell anything. Once in awhile it may give an odor so I just shake some charcoal or baking soda in there


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 4

I love our diaper genie. It is great. It is small enough that it doesnt look like a huge trash can in her nursery, but big enough that it will hold about a weeks worth of diapers. It is perfect for us. I know people say that they have to use two hands to open it, but I have learned how to do it with one. It is amazing how you learn to do mulitple things with just one hand.



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