Diaper Leaks

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CgGirl - August 7

I feel soooooooo stupid asking this question, but I have too cause I'm really sick of cleaning poos all the time. Here it is: I bought cotton diapers for my dd, they are called Bum Genius and I've had no problems what soever with them. At night, I decided to use regular disposable diapers because I was under the impression that they are more absorbant. My dd is 3 months old and sleeps through the night so wouldn't want to have to get up only to change her. I've changed her disposable diapers to size 2 cause the size one were leaking at the high back, and she was getting to the weight of the size 2 anyway. But every other night, they leak down at the leg. I fasten it as tight as possible and put it as high as possible too. Why is it leaking? Could it be the brand that I am using? What am I doing wrong? I feel so silly!


Crystal83 - August 7

Are you using Huggies? I find that they leak more than Pampers. I love Pampers, but if you want a cheaper brand Luvs are good.


wv_red - August 7

Cg, Victoria can soak the best of them but I have found that pampers does work the best. I can take her diaper off at 5 when she feeds and it weighs a ton so I know they hold. It may be just the brand you are using. Dont feel silly, it happens :)


amanda17 - August 7

They're probably Huggies haha. That happened to me too so I switched to Pampers. I use cloth diapers as burp clothes and I don't even really like to because they can't even hold the milk she spills!


margie - August 7

you know what else that i noticed is that if i dont pull out the little bit of plastic part out of the diaper at the legs (so it looks like a little ruffle around the diaper) it leaks


fefer1 - August 7

interesting -because I'm having the same issue all of a sudden. I'm even using pampers swaddlers size 2/3 and he keeps leaking up the back side. Nothing goes forward, it all goes out his back. It doesn't matter if he's sitting upright or laying down. It's driving me crazy!!! he pooped 3 times in 15 minutes today and the first and 3rd time it leaked and I had to change his clothes. I thought maybe they were too big and loose but a size one is way too small and the 2/3 is a bit snug around the waist...


ACG - August 7

I've found Pampers Swaddlers work the best, better even than the Pampers Baby Dry. Like Margie said, make sure the leg elastic isn't tucked in. As far as leaking out the back goes, maybe pulling the tabs a little tighter would help?? I haven't had that problem.


mjvdec01 - August 7

You have to run your finger inside the leg of the diaper and make sure the inside elastic is pulled out, and not folded over. after you put it on the baby. Also make sure the entire diaper is opened up before you put it on. Pull out all the leg elastic. It is usually all stuck together right out of the package. If you do that and it is still leaking, then the diaper is probably too big. Also, Huggies makes a Night Time diaper that is great. Wal-Mart is the only store in my area that sells them. I don't know if they make them in a size 2. I do know they have sizes 3-6.


CgGirl - August 11

Thanks ladies. I think my dd was a few grams short of meeting the size 2 weight. The thing is she is very slim but tall. I've followed your advice and it's a little better. I can't believe how different every brand is. I wish they would make trial packages!


britt_m - August 11

I've used pretty much all the diapers now, and really have only had problems with certain ones at certain stages. Does she have skinny legs? You may need to try other brands to see what fits her best. For us we used Huggies Preemie, Swaddlers to size 2, then huggies then ton of other brands. I actually prefer the cloth ones I made tho, hehe!


babylove4 - August 11

IT'S THOSE HUGGIES!!!! SORRY But i had very bad experiences with them & will never buy them again, Pampers baby dry are the best so far for me & my baby is about 20 pds & is 4 days shy of 7 months, Pampers holds her good**GL Dear**


angeev - August 12

Don't feel silly, I had the same thing happen and I have a boy so everyone just told me to aim his little wee-wee down. I buy the next size diaper up for nighttime (as you have been) and have found Luvs and Pampers to work really well, I too have had trouble with Huggies.



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