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ella431 - January 20

h__lo all!! once you open the pack of diapers, how long can they keep once opened and just sitting on the change table or in the diaper bag? I havnt had my LO yet but I want to pack the diaper bag and not have to take the whole thing with me.. but im not due until february so I dont want to open them and have them go bad or something, which they probably dont lol im maybe just to concerened! thanks


DDT - January 20

As far as I know diapers don't go "bad"...if you're due in Feb right now is a good time to get the hospital or diaper bag packed. I keep diapers in my ds's hanging diaper storage bag for sometimes more than 2 months just because I pack it full.


Krissy25 - January 20

Yes i agree with DDT, i don't think there is a time limit but for most hospitals you will not need any diapers, in fact you will probably be bringing some home with you.


ella431 - January 20

hey thanks for the replies so quickly! Unfortunately my hospital doesnt supply diapers.. which I think is crazy but I guess there cutting back!


ella431 - January 20

also, say I'm there for the 2 days, any idea how many I should bring?


Prego1 - January 20

That sucks that your hospital doesn't provide diapers. The one where I had my DD had diapers and everything we needed. They gave everything too that was in DD's ba__sinet. If I were you I would just bring the entire pack. They go through a lot of diaper change a day, maybe like 12 or so. Just bring the whole pack and make sure to bring wipes too.


jenna32 - January 22

yeah,diapers shouldn't go bad,i'd be more worried about the wipes but those should be good a few months or so,so you're good there to. I'd bring the pack of diapers to. But newborns don't go through that many diaper changes a day, i think around day 4 or 5 ( i forget) they start having regular wet diapers(6 + a day). Unless you say that they go through 12 a day because you formula fed the first days,i b___stfed every 2 hrs and she didn't have a lot of wet diapers at first.


jenna32 - January 22

they didn't provide diapers for us either! But they gave us TONS of other stuff,even ready to feed bottles because they made me supplement a little ( i miss them,but their real expensive here!) and free sample packs of info,coupons etc. with diapers in them.i think i had about a billion huggies coupons but it was a shame couldn't use them because sensitive skin runs in the family and huggies irritated her!!


socurbaby7 - January 23

This may not be normal... but my daughter went through 10-12 diapers her first 2 days of life... i guess she jus wanted to get everything out of her asap... because she had 10 poopy diapers each day the first 2 days then it slowed down... So i hope that helps a little


JessC531 - January 23

Bring LOTS of diapers. My dd went through so many a day!!! I'd just bring the whole pack.


lily10 - January 23

I thought all hospitals provided diapers. My hospital gave us tons of nb size swaddlers. Anyway, I would pack a small pack of nb diapers and no diapers don't go bad. Good luck to you February is just around the corner.


wailing - January 25

They go through 10-12 diapers the first few wks of life.



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