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Brenda M - February 6

Hi everyone! My 7-month old son has had a rash going on for the past week or two and I'm wondering if it's typical. It appears to be diaper rash, but it comes and goes. It's red and sometimes gets little raised bumps, and the strange thing is that it's symmetrical...he's got two red spots in his leg/groin folds, and two more right under his testicles--two on each side, exactly even. He doesn't seem bothered by them but some nights they're really angry red. I put a little Cortaid on them and them coat them with Balmex when I change his diaper. Could it be something viral that I should be concerned about? Thanks in advance.


Nerdy Girl - February 6

My first two thoughts are either yeast or ringworm. My son recently had a yeast rash, and years ago my daughter had ringworm. The ringworm was two little even circular red marks on her tush cheeks. The yeast looked to me like severe diaper rash. Boy, did I feel bad when I found out it was yeast because I was trying all kinds of diaper rash remedies, but of course they were no help. The doc gave us prescription cream for both the ringworm and the yeast.


Brenda M - February 6

Thanks Nerdy--I'll do some research online and see if I can find some photos. Brenda


piratesmermaid - February 6

Sounds like what I just went through w/ my dd. She's almost 7 months, and I was treating it like a diaper rash, but after talking to the ladies on her (thanks ya'll!) I started treating it like a yeast rash and it went away! Try giving your ds some nakey-b___t time and put some topical antifungal on it a couple times a day. I was also using balmex, and that's when my dd's started so I wasn't sure if she had an allergy to teh balmex, so I stopped using that and just used cornstarch powder when I did put a diaper on her.


bekysu - February 6

My son had thrush. Ped. said it can be eliminated through the genitals thus a yeast infeciton "down there" She told me to put lotrimex on it. Luckily I didn't have to but you could try.


hello - February 7

Try sudocrem for nappy rash if it is that and if that clears it then u know it was nappy rash cause that stuff is the best on the market


ry - February 7

I am not sure if it is something other diaper rash but I know the ONLY thing that helped getting rid of my dds diaper rash was airing her fanny out for as long as possible. And she loves sticking her little naked b___tin the air lol. But of course you have to put a waterproof pad or cloth diaper under them.



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