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jenna32 - December 24

i've been useing pampers which i didn't really have a problem with them irritating her,maybe the huggies yeah and the pampers seemed to work on everyone in out family whom all have very sensitive skin,my wipes also say they are fragrence free and everything. Am i just not changing her diaper enough? how often should you check? i usually wait a few hours. I started by using zinc oxide mixed with vaseline then my mom said this stuff called "barrier cream" worked and then i even tried airing it out a few times a day for like 10 minutes or so. i don't know what else to do! Anyone have any other ideas?


emfine99 - December 24

I've had the same problem. I have tried pampers and huggies and still some redness. I try to change her maybe every 1-2 hours, or whenever she tells me to. I like the Desitin Clear a lot. It seems to work really good, but I've also been alternating it with the Johnson's powder pure cornstarch. My grandma said it works really good because it dries it up. It seems to be a lot better now, but she still occasionally gets red!


Cevvin - December 24

If you cant control it, talk to your doctor, it could be a yeast infection.


mjvdec01 - December 24

Use antifungal cream for diaper rashes. The generic from Wal-Mart works great. most rashes are yeasty and the antifungal is the only thing that really works. It is the same cream you would use on you feet for athletes foot. If you were to get a prescription from the pediatrician it is basically the same thing except the prescription stuff will burn when you apply it. the cream from the store is soothing and will get rid of the rash in a couple of days. As far as the fequency of diaper changes, with a new baby you should NEVER go more that 2-3 hours between changes. A babys skin is too faragile and sensitive to wait any longer than that.


mjvdec01 - December 24

Wal-Mart's Equate brand works very well, and is the same as Lotromin (anti-fungal foot cream) It is totally safe for babies and really works the best. The box is White with orange writing and you will find it in 'foot care' at Wal-Mart.


jen327 - December 24

I have a WONDERFUL SOLUTION!!! When my son was in the NICU they told me to do this and it is WONDERFUL, he has YET to have a diaper rash. Ok no more suspense. Never use wipes on just a pee pee diaper. only on Poops. The reason is Pee is sterile and as long as you bath baby every two - three days, you are good. The harshness of soap on their tiny bottoms wears their skin raw causing diaper rashes. We have NEVER had one in the 5 months my son has been alive. I have heard this since from 3 other nurses. So try it out. It sounds weird but it is so much better for the bums!


Val - December 29

Our doctor's office kept telling us to load on the barrier creams (we tried several) but they never seemed to work. I think it's possible that our baby doesn't do well with the zinc oxide. Plain old vaseline is the only thing that helped - since we've switched to that, we haven't had any rash issues. We use cloth diapers some of the time, and 7th Generation diapers and wipes. And no wipes when it's just pee- if you want to use something, plain old water is just fine. Your baby may just have very sensitive skin (like ours) so try to eliminate as many chemicals/ingredients as possible. (also you may want to check with your doctor)


Prego1 - December 29

Try to air dry your LO's bottom and then u can use Desitin, the original one but not the creamy one. If you see bumps in there your LO might have a yeast diaper rash in which case you can use Lotrimin or monistat mixed w/ neosporin and desitin. They actually sell this mixture at the pharmacy but they will charge you a lot. You can mix it yourself and put it on 3-4 times a day. The rash will clear within 2 days. My DD had this several times and I used these things per the dr. recommendation.



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