Diaper Rash

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Christy - November 25

Okay- I feel horrible. My sone is coming down with some nasty diaper rash despite my best efforts to put diaper rash cream on the area after every diaper change. I found out that my husband does not always do it because he thinks it is gross to put the cream in his butt crack. I am a little p___sed off about that. I showed him how not doing it has made Ben's ass and red blistery mess. Anyway, besides changing the diaper everytime he messes his pants, cleaning the area well, and using the rash cream (I have Balmex upstairs and Desitin downstairs), is there anything else I can be doing to help heal this thing up? BTW- I think I have hubby on board now with putting on the cream each time he changes Ben's diaper.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

My son has not had a diaper rash yet, but my friend said when her baby had it really really bad it turns into a yeast infection of sorts and docs told her to use lotrimin, the athletes foot fungal creme and it cleared up. Not sure how bad his rash is, but you could check with a nurse. It is somehting she had told me and I keep it in my back pocket for when the time comes. I beleive docs also prescribe a creme of that sorts as well if needed. Poor baby!


Shelly - November 25

The athletes foot fungal creme is what i got pprescribed the one time Jesse had diaper rash and it cleared up in 2 days.


Lesley - November 25

sudocrem? That is good stuff. Do you ever leave him with no nappy on so he gets air on his skin?


Chelsey - November 25

When my daughter was a baby, the doctor told us to use Canesten cream! There are 2 kinds... one for yeast infections, and one for Jock itch, athlete's foot etc. They are both the same thing. You'll know if it's a yeast infection if it looks like a heat rash or many tiny tiny red bumps, that almost look like a burn. I think the main effective ingredient in the cream is Clotrimazole. If it is a normal diaper rash... let his bum air out after changing or bath, and even Polysporin will work like a charm and heal up the area.


Jbear - November 25

You can try aveeno oatmeal bath, too. It's a packet of powder that you dissolve in the bath.


FF - November 25

I hear regular oatmeal (like you cook with) in a bath and plenty of air on his little bottom works really well.


chelsey - November 25

Just wanted to add (not sure if its true...), that my doctor also said that if you use a powder with cornstarch, or cornstarch by itself, then dont. Although it helps to keep the area dry, it is also a breeding ground for bacteria. Not sure of the accuracy of this claim, so if anyone else has heard this, please let me know!


Christy - November 25

Thanks for the advice. If I let him air out, what should I put under him to catch any accidents? A towel or unfastened cloth diaper?


Chelsey - November 25

Just lay him on a change pad, or something that wont soak through to the floor or bed, and place a receiving blanket over top of him so he doesn't pee everywhere! Good luck!


momma - November 25

when my dd had a diper rash i put a&d ointment on it b4 bed, after washing the area and baths and really messy dipers and the morning diper any more than that seemed to be too much for her i also put her in a diaper that was a size too big that way any moisture isnt as close to the sore areas and more air can get to it to help it heal it heald up over night!!!!! since then i put her in the next size diper at night and there hasnt been a 2nd rash good luck


Heidi - November 25

Emma had diaper rash too and my doc said to let her air out as much as possible as it's moisture that's causing it. Change her frequently and after a change, let her air out for a while. I used puppy training pads to put under her in case of accidents. I also use Desitin all the time and it seems to keep it under control.


kate - November 25

wow! lots of answers. the ONLY thing that has ever worked for us in Lansinoh lanolin - it's intended for sore nipples while b___stfeeding but from what I've heard from other moms, it's incredible on diaper rash too. I use only that. A friend of mine's son sat in a poopy diaper ALL DAY LONG at an amus____nt park in the hot sun, and he was so blistered and in so much pain. they tried lots of stuff till we gave them the lanolin, and it started clearing up right away. that's all they use now, too.


kate - November 25

oh yeah, you can find it at walmart, target, etc, in the b___stfeeding areas in the baby dept.


C - November 25

Sometimes they are allergic to the diapers you are using. Did you use a different kind? I change my son's diaper every two hours unless he's sleeping. That seems to help. Make sure the wipes you are using are not the kind with perfume. They sell the kind for sensative skin. If it doesn't go away soon, call his doctor.


Heidi - November 25

I noticed the Huggies wipes are sort of harsh. I like the pampers sensitive. She seems to break out less when I used these.


ally - November 25

in aus we have sudocrem, its brilliant and the only thing i know to work. Dont know if u have it there but if so its a must buy



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