Diaper Rash From HELL

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Deirdra - January 17

I dont know where he got it from? But last night he was a little red and this morning he when i went to change him from the night it was all bleeding and red and it hurts him oh so much! and i feel horrible he has been going to the bathroom in his sleep b/c when i change him in the morning he is soiled..he is teethiing and starting rice cereal...what can be causing such a horrible diaper rash...its only his second one the first one he got the first week after his birth...


Rabbits07 - January 17

If he just started a new food in the past few days then it may be a food allergy. You may want to stop the new food until the rash is cleared up. Once he's cleared the only way to know for sure is to introduce it again and if he reacts again then you'll know. I strongly recommend cornstarch (like you buy in the baking section at the grocery store) for a bad diaper rash. It is absolutely wonderful and using it in conjunction with a diaper cream you'll see a major difference within the day.....just make sure to change often and apply the cream and cornstarch everytime. Around 1/2 cup of cornstarch per change should suffice.


Deb - January 17

I really like Boudreau's B___t Paste. It was the only thing that worked for my lo and it spreads and wipes off easy. You can get it at Babies R Us and some drug stores. It costs a little more, but worth it! I agree with Rabbits that it is probably a reaction to food you gave him.


Deirdra - January 17

i know he isnt allergic b/c hes been having rice cereal for a while...even in his bottles for a while b/c we had a vomiting problem....and he loves his cereal..


LisaB - January 17

Sounds like a food allergy to me my ds is allergic to rice cereal so I've been there before my ped doesn't like babies under 6months to start sloids due to allergies however at the time I had a different ped who said to start my ds and 4 months so we started rice cereal at 4.5 months and when we discovered the food allergy my new ped (we had moved) had us stop cereal for 7 days then after 7 days and all syptoms were cleared up we tried the cereal again same results so ped had us wait 7 more days then try again same results so it was ruled as an allergy. It took approx. a month to figure it out for sure. We then tried oatmeal and ds was fine with that. My new ped was bummed cuz he really doesn't like babies to start foods as early due to allergie however now that you started its too late. My ds has a lactose intorerance that is HORRIBLE the first poop after milk intuces tears, screaming and a bloody tush from it so a clear sign to use that its an allergy


Deirdra - January 17

also my ped told me to start b/c of how trent is devloping...hes tooth is breaking through the skin its starting to cut so he is horrible fussy too...my ped waits until 4 months to start but if a baby starts to teeth before that he starts them...also weve had a bit of a wieght issue with him..


Rabbits07 - January 17

Sorry. You said "..he is teethiing and starting rice cereal...", I took that as that he was actually just starting it. Does he have loose stools? Sometimes when they are teething the excess saliva can cause them to have loose stools which can in turn cause them to get a rash.


Nerdy Girl - January 17

If it doesn't clear up in the next day or two, don't make the same mistake I did. I just kept trying different diaper rash remedies on my son, and it turned out to be a yeast infection. Poor little guy - all those things I was trying did nothing to help him. He needed an antifungal cream.


Deirdra - January 17

yes they are loose and he is going in his sleep in the middle of the night hes dry when i out him down but soiled when he wakes me up in the morning...


Rabbits07 - January 17

The cornstarch will absorb that stool and keep it from irritating his little bottom. I would giev the cornstarch a try.....like I said, using it in conjunction with a diaper cream you should see an improvement by in the morning. Like NerdyGirl said, if no treatments work then yeast is a likely culprit.


AnytimeLittleone - January 17

Deirdra... my dd is teething and currently has the same rash. It started off as looking like red blotches, and then a couple days later it was open sores. If your ds is pooping in the middle of the night, you may have no choice but to set your alarm for every 4 hours to get up and "sniff out the situation". Thats what I had to do with my dd, just to make sure she hadnt pooped in the middle of the night. Once I started doing that, and giving her some naked bum time, and applying a really thick b___t paste, it instantly improved, and is almost healed now (2 days later). Good luck!


Rabbits07 - January 19

Deirdra, just wondering how the rash is?



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