Diaper Wars Mom 0 Baby 3

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Christy - December 6

Does anyone else's baby go through diapers like they are going out of style? It seems like just when I am about done diapering him, he unloads a ton of poop. Or if I move the already peed-on washcloth off of his p__s, he pees everywhere for a second or third time, including on his new diaper. Luckily it doesn't happen all of the time, but still, it drives me nuts how many diapers we go through some days. Anyone else have this problem?


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 6

LOL!! I did for the first month or so, then it started calming down. Luckily my son does not do the peeing thing very often when his diaper is off, so I got lucky there. But it seems all you do some days is feed them and change diapers! I had a major issue with every diaper in the world leaking all the time! That only happens at night and only once in awhile now. It gets better!


Kelly K - December 6

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I've already gone through 4 packs of diapers and my little girl is only 3 weeks old!! She's a little peeing machine!


Jbear - December 6

It slows down after a while...they do like to poop in a clean diaper, though. Just be glad they're the tiny diapers, where you get so many in the pack. Before I got my 3 year old trained, she was still using diapers and there were only 26 in the $9 pack.


Silvie - December 6

The same here :-)) My little 2M old boy loooves to pee when I am changing his diaper( I and his poor head end up sprayed on), ,even when I put him in his bathtub to bathe him. He poops a lot too..he likes to do it best when I nurse him. And diapers? I need tons of them, fortunatelly we buy maxipacks of Huggies in Costco,so I dont have to worry to run out of them every day :-))


Shannon - December 6

i have the dilemma of which to do first nurse her or change her diaper, since she loves to drop a load while she's nursing. but i hate to change her diaper after because when she finishes nursing she usually drifts to sleep. *sigh* oh well. oh and i've been peed on many times, so it's not just a boy thing. she went through a period where i think she only peed once i was about to put on a clean diaper.


FF - December 6

Hee hee hee my son loves to get me! I tell him he's a sharp shooter! It's been a couple of weeks since I've been peed on, so maybe he's growing out of it ;)


Silvie - December 6

Shannon....I had the same problem too...nurse or change the diaper? But I figured out that for baby's sake the best is to nurse first and then change the diaper. If he falls asleep while I nurse him he never fully wakes up during postb___st diaper change. And even if he woke up he would fall asleep more likely with clean diaper than a poopy one( if I changed diaper first and nursed afterwards b/c he always poops-pees while eating).


Christy - December 6

Me three on the nursing vs diapering first issue. He is pooping less while nursing now, so I do the diapering first.


Heidi - December 7

My 8 wk old girl likes to wait till I slip the dirty diaper off her and then she pees all over and I have to change her clothes. Or she lets out an explosive poop and I have to change myself along with her!!!! So it's not just a boy thing!



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