Diapering How Often Do You Change

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Sam - May 22

My babysitter is changing my 4-month-old's disposable diapers almost once an hour. It must be even if there's just a tiny bit of pee she changes it. I change them when I'm with her about every 2-3 hours, and I don't change it overnight. I thought that disposables were so absorbent that you wouldn't have to change them THAT often. First of all, how often do you moms change your babies in disposables? I can't find any information out there on this, and could use some other-mother input before talking with her about it. Second, how do I broach the topic with my babysitter without offending her? She is going to drive me into the poorhouse, and take down a small forest at the same time. For those of you with babies with sitters or daycare, how often do they change the babies' diapers? Please help!


Marlene - May 22

When I'm with my 3-month old I change him before his feedings which are every 3-4hours. But if the disposable diaper isnt wet before that feeding I dont change him until the next feeding or if he gets wet before that. He goes to a babysitter and she does the samething unless he gets really wet before a feeding. You can just tell her how you change your babies diaper at how and ask if she could do the same. She may changing your baby that much b/c she thinks that is what you do. Just talk to her I know she will understand how much diapers are and that you let alone anyone can afford to change diapers every hour.


Ginny - May 22

I do the same thing you do. I even use cloth when I'm at home, and they still don't need to be changed every hour. Has your babysitter ever had children of her own? If not, she could just be mislead about how often this needs to be done. I was a nanny in college, and if your babysitter is anything like me, she would rather you confront her, than to quietly resent her. You could open the subject by asking questions that aren't offensive, like, "Is there a reason you change diapers every hour, does his/her skin seem to be irritated?" That gives her the oppurtunity to explain her self without feeling backed against a wall. Then you could kindly explain that you appreciate her diligence, but every 3-4 hours will work just as well.


Sam - May 22

Hello, thanks for the advice. Actually, the babysitter has two little girls of her own, both in diapers, and this is my first, so I was actually thinking maybe I was not changing her enough. That also makes bringing it up a little harder, since if that's how often she changes her own babies' diapers, she could take it as that I'm implying she's doing it wrong. I've always struggled with bringing up uncomfortable topics. So this is tough for me. Any more thoughts?


Rabbits07 - May 22

Maybe her children are prone to rash? I know my ds is and I have to change him really often. When he was in disposables we were going through a bag of diapers every 2-3 days and he was still rashy all the time. (We've now switched to cloth.) If her babies are prone to rash she may just be in the habit of changing diapers that often. If you are really uncomfortable about approaching her with the topic then count up how many dipaers she would need for the time she is there (being changed every 2-3 hours) and put only that amount in the diaper bag--maybe add 1 or 2 extras for just in case. I'm sure she won't be offended though if you talkto her about it...now if you were accusing her of NOT changing I would say watch my back.


Amy_mommy - May 22

i do what marlene does....



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