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krnj - July 9

Hi does anyone know of any good diapers that won't leak at night? My ds sleeps so long now & I hate to wake him up to change him. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)


Bonnie - July 9

I use pampers Baby Dry's for nighttime. During the day I use the Cruisers. Huggies leaked too much for me.


nic nac - July 9

i use costco brand diapers for day and night. Sometimes I use pampers swaddlers #3. I think it also matters whether or not your son is eating in the middle of the night. If your baby sleeps through then most likely their last meal is right before bed and he doesn't eat unitl morning. If he is eating in the night he may need to be changed in the night. Just a thought. I did try the especially for baby and they leaked so I stopped using them.


krnj - July 9

I usually change him if he's up to eat but lately he's been sleeping for like 10 hours! I'm in shock!! :)


mommie2b - July 9

I love pampers swaddlers for newborn and they do not leak my ds sleeps all night and i have never had them to leak. I did not like huggies or luvs they leaked.


babybird - July 9

I also like the pampers swaddlers or cruisers. I found that Huggies were the worst one for leaks.


Bonnie - July 9

Well, Mason goes 12 -13 hours at night and in the morning that diaper feels like a bowling ball. ;)


Kel - July 9

I either use Pampers Swaddlers or the Baby Dry - I try to use the Baby Dry at night, but sometimes just grab the Swaddlers out of habit :-)


Nerdy Girl - July 9

We use Huggies Overnights. But honestly we have not had a problem with the regular Huggies leaking overnight either, even after 12 hours. We mostly use the Kirkland ones from Costco (not overnight style), identical to Huggies because made by Kimberly Clark.


jas - July 9

I use Luvs, but I use a size bigger at night - no problems.... Of course, my ds is 16 lbs and is on the verge of switching sizes - he is in between.


terri - July 9

I use pampers swaddlers or cruisers on my son. They never leak. I have used Huggies and they honestly sucked and also have used Pampers baby dry but had a few leaks with them. I personally would recommend the pampers swaddler or cruisers.


cae - July 9

My best advice would be to buy a small package of some suggested here, because it varies with each baby. I use Huggies supreme and I have never had an issue with it leaking, but I know that others hated also, because it did leak for the LO. Hope you find the one that works for you LO.



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