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MamaStronghold - August 20

What are you favorite diapers to use for you baby? Every child is different and there are so many brands to choose from.


Crystal83 - August 20

I love Pampers, and I have used them with all 3 of my girls. I first tried huggies a long time ago with dd#1, but I found that they leaked all the time. I have tried some generic brands as well and found that they are more likely to cause rashes. I've never had any leaking or rash issues with Pampers, and I know I can leave them on my LO all night and she's just fine in the morning. What kind do you like?


Charlibabe - August 20

My favorite are Pampers Swaddlers, they have a nice baby smell to them and they dont leak. My daughter has slept throught he night and had a VERY full diaper and it didn't leak one drop. Also my daughter is very sensitive I can't even use huggies wipies...they dont give her a rash or anything. Soo yea I like the Pamper Swaddlers....


MamaStronghold - August 20

Don't need any diapers just yet but mom to mom is a new brand. Have you heard of them? With all the prices going up, the cheaper alternatives for everything are looking good. Ofcourse trying different brands until the right one is found will be done. I hate having rashes so definetly don't want the baby to get any.


gabbysally - August 21

pampers swaddlers r the absolute best


stefkay - August 21

I got a lot of pampers and a few huggies at my baby shower and started with pampers. I never had any problems with them. I ran out of the NB size and had one pack of huggies NB size to use before moving to the pampers size 1. I had all kinds of leaking problems with the huggies, so I'm definitely sticking with pampers. I also found that the best wipes for my daughter are the pampers sensitive ones. I got about one box of every kind and brand at my showers and these sensitive ones are by far the softest. They work awesome in the wipe warmer too.


Crystal83 - August 21

I like the pampers baby fresh wipes, they smell so nice. And yes the pampers diapers do smell good too. I've also found that the pampers baby dry seem to fit my 11 month old better than the pampers cruisers, plus you get a few more in the package for the same price for some reason.


kimberly - August 21

If you are looking for a cheap diaper that works, use Parents Choice, they are the Wal-Mart brand. I have heard Target has good diapers too but haven't tried them. I pay $5.74 for a pkg. of 42 diapers for my dd. They don't leak, the only problem I have is they tend to be a bit smaller then the other name brand diapers so I have to use a size bigger than I normally would. But, if price isn't an issue I would choose Pampers, they work the best.


Krissy25 - August 21

Yes, Target's are actually pretty good although i prefer Huggies, Pampers are pretty good too. I've never heard of mom to mom. Have you thought about cloth diapers? I use Bum Genius diapers on a part-time basis. They are a little pricy but they have saved me a lot of disposable diapers and they just seem so much more comfortable for my dd.



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