Diapers For Girls Which Are The Best

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lunastarliteyes - March 14

So that is my question :) What are the best diapers to use for girls in your opinion?


nickie13 - March 14

I've been haveing good luck with the reg. pampers. Do you live in canada? The superstore has Teddys Choice i really like them too


CyndiG - March 14

I use Pampers also. Swaddlers till she out grew them, and now Babydry. They work good for me.


Mommy_to_be - March 14

I LOVE pampers' swaddlers! I'm so sad that my dd will be outgrowing them soon (they only come in NB to size 2). They're the only diapers that did not leak everywhere! But different diapers work well for different body types!


Nerdy Girl - March 14

I haven't bought into the whole theory of certain diapers for girls and certain ones for boys. I think Mommy_to_be is right that it is a body shape thing and not a gender thing. I have raised two kids (a girl and a boy) on Huggies and have not had a problem at all. If you end up liking Huggies, the Costco Kirkland diapers are private labeled by Kimberly Clark for Costco and are identical to Huggies Supremes. I think I am dating myself here because Supremes might be the old name. Now I think they are called Natural Fit or something like that. Whatever the name, they are the ones in the maroon packaging. One note on why I started using Huggies in the first place - my older child had eczema and very sensitive skin. Huggies is the only diaper we found that was unscented. The baby powder scent in Pampers would give my daughter an instantaneous rash. So we started using Huggies 4 years ago with her and we just ended up really liking them.


tryingx3 - March 15

Huggies fit my daughter better but seem to "hold" less at night and also seem to have hard spots in them - at least from my experience. We use Pampers - did like the swaddlers, but now use baby dry...they are a bit harder to get on just right than the Huggies.


Ba8y6irl - March 15

I used Swaddlers until my dd was too big for them now I use the Cruisers. They are a tad expensive but I like them much more then the regular Baby Dry. She never leaks out of them as long as they fit! I know when she's getting too big for them when they do start to leak. Then I just move to the next size up!


Nerdy Girl - March 15

Side note - if you do have problems with overnight leaking, Safeway makes something called "diaper doublers" that you can insert into any brand of diaper. It looks like a maxi pad with no adhesive. When my son started sleeping 12 hours at night and started waking up with wet diapers that weighed 20 lbs, I was so thrilled to discover the diaper doublers. There is no diaper on the planet that could hold THAT MUCH PEE! LOL!


Erin1979 - March 15

Pampers!!!! The babydry worked until dd was about 6 months. We switched to the cruisers, and they are so awesome. Virtually no leaks. I reccomend them always! Good Luck!



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