Did Anyone Turn Carseat Before 1 Year

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ssmith - March 10

Here's my problem ~~ we have a 2 door hatchback car, and trying to get dd in and out of the rear facing carseat is an absolute nightmare for her and for me (I am 6 ft tall). She will be 11 months on the 27th, and she is 20 lbs, 31" tall. I would prefer to keep her rear facing for safety reasons etc....but she is really hating the car for the simple fact that getting in and out of the car is such a horrendous experience, she's creating a really bad association! Anyway, what do you think?


mandyrenfro - March 10

i turned my son at 9 months... yeah, i know i'll be raked over the coals on here


Erynn21 - March 10

My friend did with her daughter at 8 or 9 months because she was screaming all the time from sitting backwards. They couldn't really drive anywhere without her freaking out, so she turned her seat around, she was probably really close to the same size, I think at a year she was about 23lbs.


aurorabunny - March 10

Is it safe to turn them forward facing before 1 year? Ds is 8 months and I still worry constantly about not being able to see him while I am driving. We bought one of those mirrors that you put in the back that are supposed to let you see the baby, but it is still hard to see and causes more distraction then good. I'm afraid to hardly look at it because I start staring and I'm surprised I haven't wrecked the car yet...lol


krnj - March 10

My ped said as long as they're over 20lbs it's ok. I'm sure she'll be fine.


LollyM - March 10

I have a saturn sc2 with three doors and the carseat thing is such a problem too! I have heard that it is 20 lbs, or 1 year, whichever comes first. dd is 7 months and 16 lbs, so we have some time to go, but I can't wait to turn her around!


flower.momma - March 10

I did with my dd when she was 9 months. I know, so bad, but she was hating it, and she was 22 lbs at that time. I know they to wait, even if they are bigger, because of neck/'head strength issues, but hearing her scream throughout the whole car ride was just not pleasant.


KLC - March 10

I was just wondering this same thing because I bought Aaron his new carseat last weekend and when I bought it I just read the 22-80 pounds on it and failed to see that it can not be used rear facing and Aaron won't be 1 until March 25. So this is interesting.


Lisastar9 - March 10

I would say for her age and size turn her around for safety reasons.


Lisastar9 - March 10

weight* not age sorry.


ash2 - March 10

From the american pediatrics of america it is not safe to turn the seat around untill the child is age one AND 20 pounds.


Keli - March 10

I know of lots of people who do it. your baby is one month shy of being 1 yrs old... its probably ok. I heard its 20 lbs and one yr old, something about their bones being stronger, or something. not sure.


Lindsey - March 11

I think it's a different law here in the Uk, as as soon as they hit 20lbs you can have them front facing


JenniferB - March 11

Technically, you aren't supposed to. With my oldest one I had no choice. His feet were over the end of the seat because he was so tall so his legs couldn't straighten out making the buckle dig into his legs. He was over 20 pounds and maybe 5 weeks away from being a year.


AnytimeLittleone - March 11

I think sometimes the laws are not applicable. My dd will definately have to be forward facing before 12 months. At 7 months, she is now 23lbs and 30 inches. I'll wait another couple months, and then plan on taking her to the police run carseat clinic to show them that she is obviously not going to fit at 1 yr old, and what do they reccomend...


snugglybugglys - March 11

Yeah, it's safe as long as they are 20 pounds. I asked the kids ped. with my first dd...cause I couldn't handle her screaming in the car anymore. He said as long as she is 20 pounds....it's fine. Unless they are a chubby bubby 5 mo old or something. ;)


hello - March 12

I think here in aus its different again, my daughter was quite young when i turned her around....felt sorry for her not being able to see anyone at the front talking to her....... she was perhaps 7 months, maybe younger....cant remember ..but i am sure in aus its much younger than the age of one, well i think so



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