Did You Baby Get A Flat Head

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Pea Pod - March 9

I've noticed that my dd has developed a flat area on side of hte back of her head where she always sleeps and had thought that was fairly common until I did some looking online and now am kinda worried. How many of you had this problem and did it go away? What did you do? We have a sleep positioner we were using for digestion purposes, so last night we used it to get her to sleep on the other side of her head and we're just going to make an effort to make sure she is resting on the opposite side of her head. What I was reading online about it, though, indicates I should have her pediatrician look at it to see if it is severe. She has an appt next week. Do you suppose that is soon enough for her to look at it, or should I call and have her seen sooner?


Wellis10 - March 9

My son has a flat head from the start. The ped referred us to a cometic surgon to mold his head for a helmet. When I went in to see the specialist he told me that helmet don't work. That most insurances don't cover it and it cost about $2000 per helmet and they have to be changed out every month. He said the best thing to do is lay him on the other side or stomach it possible. Not to let him lay on the side at all. But my lo was born this way and it was bad. So bad his ears look funny. And It's never to soon to have the dr. look at it. It's best to fix it now than when they get older and are able to complain (cry, whin, or roll over on thier own). I would just make sure that she doesn't lay on that side or switch up everyother day. My lo is now almost 4 months and his haed is shaping out nicely. Good Luck.


AnytimeLittleone - March 9

My daughter was a tummy sleeper, so she had no opportunity to get a flat head. I have a good friend with a lo the same age as my dd, and she has a small flat part on the back of her head. The ped told her it was no biggie, and to change positions... but that if it got bigger he would need to rea__sess her asap. You're probably ok to wait until next week... just keep changing her position.



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