Did You Burp Your Newborn

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ella431 - February 10

h__lo ladies. im due anytime now and just wondering if burping is something you should do for sure? Or do you only do it for bottle feeding babies? thanks for any advice!


staci - February 10

I've found it depends on your lo. Breast or bottle fed, your baby needs to burp. Some do it on their own, if they don't right after you need to help them along.


jenna32 - February 11

i would do it anyways to. sometimes mine doesn't even burp in the feeding but seems to later, you never know but it's better to try all the time anyway so their not fussy from being ga__sy ever or anything.


Mariefe - February 11

Its better to burp your lo. I do it everytime after feeding my lo as if i dont do it, she'll vomit the milk, her tiny stomach gets uncomfortable in and ga__sy. I feel that she feels great after burping everytime.


wailing - February 14

I would do it b/c their little digestive systems are so immature alot of air gets trapped in there making it very uncomforable. My lo would give the biggest burps after a good bottle:)


tish212 - February 14

I bf and I find I still have to burp my dd. she burps at least 3 good burps every 4 minutes or so.if u don't the air will cause ur lo discomfort and may lead to them being fussier then they would be if burped. gl and congrats!


StarsMoon - February 17

Not only what everyone else has said... but if you down't get that air out of their little tummies, they could end up burping their dinners up. And then you really get disappointed. Cause you've worked so hard to feed them and if you had just spent 3 mins or so burping then their little outfit wouldn't be messed up with their dinner. Been there.... done that... thanks to hubby.... :( You should always try to burp... My LO is 9 months and I still take her over the should and give a few bounces here and there to bring up any air in her tummy. She is still BF and eats rice cereal and baby food too... Stars....


amyh - February 19

I ALWAYS burp. Not only do they feel better..they keep their food in better and you end up doing less laundry.


yumymumy - February 21

my son was restless after each feed if he did not bring up wind straight after a bottle. i also had to buy drops coz he had a bit of a problem bringing up wind. my nurses and mother told me to burp at newborn i know as they get older they can burp on there own but i didnt know they could without help at newborn.


Crystal83 - February 22

ALWAYS burp your baby! I learned that the hard way with my first dd. I rarely burped her and she would get horrible gas pains. B'feeding or bottle feeding doesn't matter. When my second one came around it was a little better, I burped her when she was really little and she didn't get gas as bad, but I didnt' think it was as impotant when she was older and could sit up by herself and she became cranky around that time too I finally realized it was because I had stopped burping her after her feedings,now with my 3rd dd I've realized that babies need to be burped right up untl they are about a year old. They can still get gas bubbles trapped in their tummies.


Gemini_Girl - February 22

Hi I think they have less burpies when they are b___st fed but you should still burp them as they will have some my lo does anyways!



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