Did You Have A Horrible Time Traveling With Baby

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Leahp - July 5

Hey ladies, it's been a while since I've written, but I attempted my first trip with my baby girl who is now 9 months and it wasn't very enjoyable at all. I took her to Colorado to do some hiking and she fussed most of the time, and now that we got back from the trip she won't even let me stand up much less leave the room because she starts screaming!!! On top of that three days after we got back my MIL flew in and threw her off even more having a stranger stay at the house and she cried most of the weekend when ever my MIL tried to do something with her, it was hard because I really just wanted to snag her out of her arms, but my MIL wouldn't allow me to come in and help with my own child when she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I don't know when I'll ever travel with a baby again, she has been a completely different baby this past week and I feel bad for her because she has no idea what is to come the next day. But also, how do you handle your MIL when she doesn't want to give up the baby when she's screaming, I felt like I could put my instincts aside for four days so she can get a taste of her grandbaby, but I felt like most the weekend, I sat in the other room pulling my hair out becuase I wanted to go in the room and just say, HELLO I'm taking her she needs her mother right now!!!!! She would always be like, I got her, I can do it, blah blah!!! uggghhhh! I hate family dynamics. But I think next time, I'm just going to get her when she's screaming. Have any of you had a similar situation, and has traveling been ok for you?? Sorry for the double question, it's been a hectic two weeks!!! I'll never butt up plans with traveling and a visiting MIL!!!! I'm glad to be back to my old routine!


LisaB - July 5

We took ds for a road trip for 1 day and it threw off his schedule for 2 days!!!!!! Isn't it frustating?!?!? He is almost 8 months I guess they really like routine. I always swore I'd be one of those parents whose kids would sleep wherever, whenever but no ds will only sleep in car or crib no matter what. Oh well will be able to get out and join the world again in a few more years.... sigh. About MIL I say my baby my house you lose. MIL is very strong willed and I'm usually a doormat but not when it comes to ds. I have to pick up the pieces after she leaves so I make it as comfortable for all of us and sometimes that means making her a little mad. Of course this applies to everyone else as well. My ds is a routine man and the sh*t hits the fan if we don't follow it so it is what it is.


Annette - July 5

Leahp, are your MIL and my MIL sisters or something????


SonyaM - July 5

We actually had a pretty decent experience. We went to the beach ( about 2-3 hours away by car) with my four year old and 9 month old along with my friend, her husband and her 6 year old twins. The hard part was keeping baby safe in the condo. There were tons of wires everywhere that he could reach and none of the outlets were covered. But he didn't have any trouble adjusting. He slept good and seemed fine. He adjusted easily coming home too. We are doing another beach trip this month but a six hour drive this time. I am worried about the long car ride. The good thing is this time we are going with my parents and my mom helps out SOOO much. And my parents are gonna keep the baby alot so we can do some stuff with my older son. Should be fun. Sorry you guys had a rough time.


Leahp - July 5

Yeah, the whole MIL thing has been bothering me today, I just wish I wasn't so pa__sive, but I didn't want to start strife since it was only for four days and she's a very abbrasive woman, she even got smart with me the other morning and said she's going to cry and fuss because she's a baby, but what the %^$$% she doesn't understand is that she never cries and fusses when she's with me!!!! So I just wish i would of grabbed up my poor baby more, but then again since she was being so stubborn about giving her up I almost wanted her to deal with the crying, she eventually said OK here you go. Alot of my friends have said they would of gone right in the room and grabbed their baby up if she was screaming, so I guess I feel a little bad for baby girl, she had a really rough two weeks, with traveling and then a grandma she doesn't know that well.


Narcissus - July 5

Hi LeahP!! Long time no see...Sorry to hear about all of this. I have travelled with my son and yes, throwing him off schedule was rough for everyone. Luckily, my MIL is the pa__sive one and she never gets in my way. Was your MIL just trying to give you a break or was she making it all worse? How is your dd now? It's terrible when the nap schedule goes to pot bc it's hard to get them back on schedule. Your thread is a good one for the pregnant moms who come here wondering if they should take the newborn on a pre-planned vacation.


Maggie - July 5

Leahp, I'm so sorry your MIL couldn't put aside her own selfishness for the sake of your dd. Next time you must take control of the situation even if that means p__sing her off. Its YOUR baby, not hers. I have a slight theory as to what may be going on with your dd. You said that you took her to Colorado, so is it possible that the alt_tude bothered her? I'm from New York and we live at sea level. I have family in Colorado and the doc said that I should not take my kids until my dd is over a year old because the change in alt_tude would bother her. I think it may be possible that the alt_tude changes were throwing her for a loop, and then your MIL put her over the edge. I'm sure she will be fine once your home is back to normal. For now I would just smother her with love and let her know that Mommy isn't going anywhere and she is safe at home. I hope everything goes well for you.


Leahp - July 5

Hey Narcissus, gosh I hope I don't discourage anybody, because I know all babies are different and I have a girlfriend with a six month old that has traveled to cali and back to Missouri, flew three times, and he does fine, but I think when they're six months and above they really become aware of their surroundings. Honestly about the MIL, I think she wanted to prove she could do it, everything including calming her, but really it was making everything worse, there were times my baby girl was whaling her hands in the air and she still wouldn't give her to me, and my husband finally said something, he said he even told her once I left the room with the baby that she just wants me right now, nothing personal, well she still continued the same behavior!!! I just don't get it, and all my friends I talk to say why would she want to deal with a screaming baby. hmmm!


Leahp - July 5

Thanks so much for the advice Maggie, I am feeling a lot of guilt for throwing her around this past couple weeks, when obviously her little self wasn't ready for all that, but I never knew that about the alt_tude, she did ok for the most part, but she was crabby! But heck the alt_tude made me feel cruddy!!! So I can imagine what it did to her. yeah, I guess next time I will have to just p__s off the MIL, but she is a very short fuse so it almost scares me, she got snappy and p__sed just because I wouldn't let her drive my mom's car on our river trip this past weekend and then she got p__sed because my husband and I took off with the baby to sit by the river to give her some alone time, so she tried to get back at us by saying, "I just went and got some ice cream because I didn't know where you were, I would of gotten you guys something but you were gone!" Real clever!!


momofboyz - July 5

We went to Myrtle Beach a couple of months ago with our 6 mo. (at the time) and our 3 year old. We made the mistake of flying. It was a nightmare. Once we got there it wasn't too bad but a lot of work. When we returned I needed a vacation from my vacation! The worst thing was the airline losing our stroller. I had to carry my son with luggage through the airport.


punkin01 - July 6

if ur MIL is anything like mine i would take the vacation w/baby while she is there visiting!!!! i am so sorry that you too have a devil for a MIL problems with her would take up too much space and way to much time to type it all........this is my 2nd marriage and my 2nd devil!!!!! so sad, just wish i could have got a nice one this time around but IF it dont work out with me and dh (i dont see that happening because i love him very much and he treats me like a queen) but IF i will only marry again if his mother is dead or he is on orphan!!!!!! i know i really didnt help u with ur problem but i fell better since i vented about my MIL!!!!


mayaB - July 6

travelled w/ my 7 week old baby. Had a one week vacation at the sea. THe airplane makes him fall asleep. He did some crying in the airport though.. A little embara__sing.. Other than that, he loved the sea air. The first day back, he seemed a little unsettled. But he's back to normal now.


Ca__sieSong - July 6

Oh man...I'm a little worried now! In about 1 week, dh and I (and dd of course) will be taking a 12 hour road trip to get to PA. My mom will be in the car too. Our dd is 7 months and we hemmed and hawwed about the best way to go. We decided we'll make a two day trip out of it. At first we were going to travel at night, but I just don't think she'll sleep the whole time. She only sleeps well in her crib. I guess we'll find out how this trip goes. We'll be gone 1 week too... hope it isn't a horrible experience!


julieB - July 8

Hello all.. I just traveled with my 2 month old.. (very bold).. I flew from WA. to NY.. 6 hours.. He was great never woke up.. I woke him up because I got a little worried.. I fed and changed him and he went back to sleep.,. I just returned with him on the 4th of July.. he is now 3 months and 1 week and a half.. he did pretty good .. he cried when he was hungry.. for about 15 minutes off and on.. I rocked him and he did quite well.. I enjoyed it actually... good luck to you all...


ash2 - July 10

i hope this helps. i have found with my first child that you have to be more than prepared for a trip with a baby.anything from food, to snacks during the trip, and toys to keep entertained. also naps and rest are crucial while on a trip because they can definantly throw he baby's mood off. and as for your mil, just think ahead 25 years when your baby has a baby and you are a granmother. how would you feel if your grandchild keeps crying b/c she doesnt want you to hold her. you would long for the bond to have with him or her. dont stress over that too much. good luck


Trac - July 10

We took a trip last month with my ds who was 8 months at the time and he did great. He was more clingy at night time because of the new surroundings AND he was teething so I think that was part of it. I know how difficult it can be to have a fussy baby so maybe now that you are back maybe you can start having a bit more routine. We are very flexible with ours but find if we do some of the same things every day our baby acts happier and sleeps better too. And with your MIL you just have to insist and take your dd when you think she needs you. It is YOUR baby after all. :-) Good luck!!


sahmof3 - July 10

I've had some trips from hell myself... flying with a b___stfeeder a few years ago and last year driving from PA. to Myrtle Beach with a 5 yo, 21 month old and 3 month old. Vacation!?! It's easier at home!!! Off topic a little, but we've found it's good to check what type of crib your motel will have and take your own pack-n-play if necessary (though it's a pain in the a**). When my oldest was 3 m.o. (6 years ago) we were traveling and got to a motel that still had rickety wooden cribs and we were debating whether or not to use it. Well, it needed adjusted and DH was doing it and it fell apart (not w/ ds in it)!!! Last year on our trip to Myrtle Beach, we stayed overnight in NC on the way and I had specifically asked if they used pack-n-plays for cribs and they said yes. When we got there all they had was the old wooden crib- GRR. Luckily, we did have one pack-in-play along to put the 3 m.o. in to play (so the other kids wouldn't step on him), so we ended up sleeping the 21 m.o. in that and for the 3 m.o., we folded the seats down flat in our double stroller and made a little ba__sinet out of it. Not that horrible of a hardship, but, y'know, when you've been traveling all day and all you want to do is get in and get the kids (who are not used to sleeping in the same room as each other and us) settled, it seems like a big deal!!



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