Did Your Babies Haircolour Change If So When

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Guest - February 9

My baby has dark brown hair and a full head of it since birth. She is now9 weeks old. just recently I have noticed some blonde hairs underneath coming in. IS this a sign of things to come? I have blond hair..the dh has very dark brown hair and eyes. My side of the family is more fair his is mostly dark. Can a babies hair fall out and come in a different hair colour? If this could happen when will this take place?


lin7604 - February 9

yes it can. my ds was born with durty blond hair, not lots but you could see it and it was fine. at about 6-7 weeks it started to fall out and now he has " WHITE blonde" hair and it looks like he is bald cause it is so light. His eyes have changed a bit too, they went from a smoky grey-blue to a lighter shade of smokey blue.


lin7604 - February 9

oh he is 15 weeks now.


sophandbob - February 9

Tristans seems to change every day! He was born with dark brown, and it is getting lighter every day. Occa__sionally it has a red tinge, then others he looks blonde. He is 'mouse' today. He's 6 months in 13 days.


Erynn21 - February 9

Totally, my dd had kinda honey colored hair when she first was born, w a patch of really dark hair at the nape of her neck. That all fell out and now her hair is white blonde, she has barely any hair, and now it's basically transparent. She's 5 months and she still has really blue eyes too, my dh and I both have green/brown eyes, so that's a little strange. I guess she's taking after my MIL, who is blonde and blue eyed.


Guest - February 9

wow..interesting. I have heard stories of some babies whose dark hair falls out and comes in red,blonde, or light brown even curly. Does a babies hair fall out at some point? I have heard this too. My babies hair still seems all there but underneath her dark brown mane is blonde and gold hair mostly noticable in the light.


SonyaM - February 9

My oldest was born with dark brown/black hair and is not dirty blonde. My second son was born with red hair and well, it's still red. Okay, really it's orange but red sounds better for some reason. Oh and the kids are 4.5 and 16 months respectively. Also I had blonde hair as a baby, then red for about 4 years and now dirty blonde. My dh also had blonde hair as a baby, then red for about 1-2 years and now light brown. Go figure.


piratesmermaid - February 9

Gretchen was born with tons of dark bronzy brown hair. It never fell out. Now it's a wee bit lighter a more coppery when the sun hits it, like highlights.


ashtynsmom - February 9

My dd was born with red hair and it is now a dull blondish-brown. I have black hair, and dh has blonde (almost white) hair. We thought red would probably be par for the course... but it looks like she will be blonde.. at least for a while! I changed around 6 mos, and keeps coming in lighter. She is now 12 mos.


sahmof3 - February 9

Nathan was a baldy, eventually grew in white-blond anad when he was 2-3 he got a little red patch near his cowlick, which spread and took over lol. He's now a strawberry blond in summer and complete redhead in winter. Leah had brown hair at birth, lost it and it grew back in white blond. It got a little darker blond eventually (over winters), but now I have noticed that she has some clusters of bright red hair!! I think hers is going to turn the same way Nathan's did! Justin was born with brown and it's still brown... it gets a little lighter in the summer. It's just bizarre about my older two and having "patches" of red that eventually take over LOL. The red itself isn't that surprising... dh and I each had a red-headed grandfather.


mosley12 - February 10

my mom was born with jet black hair. it completely fell out by the time she was 3 months old, and came back in when she was around 1 or so completely bleach blonde! dh and i were both bleach blonde, and ds is bleach blonde, except for the very nape of his neck where is a dirty blonde! lol


Rabbits07 - February 10

My first two babies and my fifth had blonde hair at birth....the others all had black. The three that were born blonde all have like a dark blonde to light brown hair color now. Of the three born with black, one of those is now blonde, one is a medium brown and Mason's is like a med. brown.


shelly - February 10

my poor ds is almost 7 month and hes got hardly any hair,like his dad lol, but i have noticed like soph that what little he has got seems to change every day.



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