Did Your Baby Come Out Screaming

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hmreyna - June 26

I was just wondering about something.... my good friend just had her baby about an hour ago..... yes, an hour and he has not stopped screaming. My friend is freaking out b/c she thinks he is going to be a screamer. My son came out and he hardly cried and it is still the same. He only cries when he is hungry. Just wondering about everyone else?? Could her baby just be a screamer?


SonyaM - June 26

My son came out screaming-LOUD!!! He now almost 9 months old and is a great baby. He only cries if he is dirty, hungry or tired and then it's just whimper unless we let it go too long. His cries are still loud but not often.


AmandaManns - June 26

My son came out a very quiet baby. He cried but not right away and then he was quiet after only about a minute. Well he was like that for about the first 3 weeks then that all changed. He cried ALL THE TIME. If he was not eating or sleeping he was crying and nothing calmed him down and he was like that for a few months, and now at 6 months I could not ask for a better baby. So I do not think that this indicates whether or not he will be a fussy baby.


jessb - June 26

My baby came out screaming and probably screamed for an hour after birth. She has strong lungs, she is LOUD. She still is very loud and is a pretty fussy baby. She has her good moments but she is definitely more fussy than everyone else's baby. She goes on crying jags where she just screams her head off.


Mommy - June 26

My oldest came out screaming. My big sister could her him out in the waiting room and said he sounded like a stuck pig, LOL. No slow WAHS from him, more like WAHWAHWAHWAHWAH-BREATH-WAHWAHWAHWAHWAH! He was my mellow baby. My quieter one is the cranky b___t.


Bonnie - June 26

Mason was very quiet and stayed that way until we came home. Then all hell broke loose, lol. He is a very temperamnetal child. I don't think how they are in the hospital really makes a difference as to how they are in life. And even when they do turn out to be temperamental, you get used to it. :).......... (I also realised later that I was on a big morphine drop from the c-section which also effects the baby so he was drugged for days....I often wish I had an unlimited supply of the stuff! :D)


TC - June 26

Hey did they check him out to see if he was hurt during the delivery? My brother screamed his head off for a couple of hrs after he was born and no one could figure out why. When my mom took him to his 6wk check-up she found out that his collar bone was broken during delivery. The doctor just a__sume that she knew already. Well, it probably isn't anything much with your friends son...but I think that its better to be safe than sorry.


Annette - June 26

WHAT??? His collarbone???? and how was your mom suposed to know???? I would have kicked his little family jewels really hard... My son cried a bit after coming out, nothing loud, more like screeching. He has never really cried loud, it is always this screeching sound when he is hungry or tired.


Annette - June 26

..... to the point I am disappointed bc I want a pout picture like Bonnie´s Mason´s !!!!


Bonnie - June 26

ROFL....You know when he does that most? When someone makes a loud noise and startles him. He stops, his eyes get real big, he lets out that big pouty lip (which immediately brings tears to MY eyes), and then he WAILS, lol............here, just for you Annette :P http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e60/BCreevy/30-12060806cccccccc.jpg (only dash is between the 30-12


Bonnie - June 26

And don't be disappointed Annette...this is what follows the pouty lip...http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e60/BCreevy/30-10060806ccccccccc-1.jpg (dash between 30-10 and ccc-1).......... (sorry to hijack hmreyna, tell your friends grats!!)


Annette - June 26

AAAAWWWWWWW he is such a cutie!!! Sorry hmreyna. looks like Bonnie and I literally invade threads completely OT... LOL.... it is too soon to tell if baby will be a screamer, let´s see in a couple days when the only thing they want to do is sleep. She will be looking fwd for the baby to cry a bit.


jas - June 27

Jadon came out peeing... really - he peed all over the place and got the dr :) He didn't cry a lot but got colic later... You never know.....


Bonnie - June 27

LOL Now that is one I have not heard!


melissa g. - June 27

according to the book, The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg, the baby you have in the hospital is NOT the baby you will have when you go home, it takes a bit for their true personality to come out, and even then, it can take 6-8 weeks for them to overcome the "4th trimester" and get over the major fussies. My baby fussed and fussed the first couple months, she is better now at 4 months but she isnt one to be shy about complaining! Bonnie, OMG, the lip thing! Do most babies do this, I nearly fell over with sadness and laughter when my dd did this for the first time, it was SOOOOO pitiful, she gets these big tears in her eyes, the bottom lip pops out and then, WAH! it is so heartbreaking but so darn cute at the same time!


Bonnie - June 27

I know Melissa, I always taear up when I seeit but I think out of its cuteness, lol. And SO true about the baby you get in the hospital is not the baby you get home. I remember just beaming with pride when all the nurses cammented about how sweet and calm Mason was compared tothe other babies in the nursery. Boy did THAT one come back and bite me in the a__s! :D


Bonnie - June 27

tear up*



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