Did Your LO Eat Baby Food At Different Temperatures

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coco797 - May 14

The reason I ask is because my grandma (yup, my grandma again) thinks she needs to warm up DD's food, even if it's a new container. I asked her a few times not to, to just give it to her room temp so she'll accept it when we are on outings and can't warm it. But I don;t think she;ll listen. I know she warms it to warm (not just room temp) when she heats up the left overs from the refrigerator) So rather than continueously arguing with her, I figure when I feed DD, which is dinner and on weekends, I'll make sure her food is room temp. Do you think she'll get accustomed to eating it at both temperatures? Or will she reject the room temp food? I dont want a problem when we're out. She's a very good eater


AliG - May 14

I warm up the veggies and make the rice cereal warm for my DD. I give her the fruit at either room temperature or cold if it came out of the fridge. So far no problems with the different temperatures but I haven't tried that with the veggies. I guess I look at the veggies and think they probably wouldn't taste good cold to me so I warm them up. For bottles I have to warm the milk to a minimum temperature or she won't drink it at all. I know some mom's give bottles at all different temperatures so that if they can't warm it up on an out_ting it is okay. Sounds like a good idea but just didn't work for me.


docbytch - May 15

I nuke my boy's veggies for about 22 sec. He likes em warm. i give him frt at room temp. He also likes his babas pretty warm too


Canada - May 15

I give my daughter food at different temperatures and it doesn't seem to bother her. Usually the cereal and veggies are warm, but not always. It probably depends on the baby, but she hasn't seemed to notice.


lissica - May 16

I always warm up my sons veggies and cereal for about 15-20seconds. That's the only way he knew it until we went on a long road trip and i had to feed him his food at car temperature. He didn't even seem to notice a difference. I can definitely understand your concern but in my opinion i doubt she will reject the unheated food. Gotta love family that thinks they know best eh?


Mrs.W. - May 16

I warm the veggies and the cereal. My dd doesn't seem to like her veggies and cereal cold but the fruit she does...So when we go out it's fruit.



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