Did Your Lo S Cry Real Tears Since Birth

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luviduvi - March 11

It is so funny! My ds who is 5 mths old has cried actual tears since birth. I think this is so funny b/c usually a baby doesn't start releasing tears fo some while. My ped. says its no big deal. I was just wondering if any of your infants cry real tears.


HannahBaby - March 11

My son is 5 mo nths and is just starting to cry real tears.


SuzieQ - March 11

My dd has always had tears as well. when she was a newborn, it was just out of her right eye, then about a week later her second eye started to have tears as well when she cried.


srigles - March 11

My son started crying real tears around 3 months.... before that, his eyes would go all red and puffy but no tears!


AshleyB - March 11

From the time he was born till about 2 months he would just get a little watery eyed, but now he cries real tears when he cries hard.


aurorabunny - March 12

I've been thinking about asking something about this. My ds is 8 months old and I still to this day have not seen him actually shed a tear. Is that weird/mean that something is wrong??


eclipse - March 12

My son has always cried real tears, and lots of them-I feel so guilty anytime he cries.


BriannasMummy - March 12

My dd is 3 months old.. and she cried one real tear the other night. Thats the one and only time she has ever done it. ~Kristin~


luviduvi - March 12

Well, even though my son is no longer a newborn, I think about when he was and how he would have these large croc tears streaming down his face! Hahee


mandee25 - March 12

I noticed my son's tears at around 7 weeks old.


Jennifer28 - March 12

My dd has cried real tears from day 1. I had no idea she wasn't supposed to right away! Geeze, you learn a lot from this site. ;)


Erynn21 - March 12

My dd has always cried real tears, I think I noticed when she was about 2 days old, she has also always smiled(and it was not gas). There is a picture of her at birth smiling. Everyone said her smiles were gas, but you could make her do it, so I don't think they were right.


tryingx3 - March 12

Erynn21 could have been posted under my name...same with my dd. My MIL laughs at "how fast she can work up a tear". :-) Ditto on the smiles.


sophandbob - March 12

Tristan cried rel tears from birth and was born at 37 weeks. The midwives were so impressed they almost forgot to hand him to me to be comforted (I'd just had a c section and could barely move or i'd've dome it myself!) I too feel horrid when he cries and it make me cry myself. Oddly enough he still does the fake baby cry thing, where no tears come out - tears lets us know he's being serious!



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