Diet Pills That Work

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mosley12 - February 20

has anyone ever taken any diet pills that actually worked? since dh and i seperated, ive lost 7 lbs just because ive barely eaten anything, but i want to lose more, because he keeps telling me he just wants the old me back, so i assume he means my looks too, and im definately not the weight i was when we started eat well and exercise (ds and i walk 2 1/2 miles a not suppose to run or anything bcause of my BP right now). but i just want an extra boost!


Kara H. - February 20

Um, excuse my language for a moment, but f*ck him! The old you back?!?! People grow up and mature. I don't khow how long you two were together, but we cannot go backwards in life. Now I am over my rant. ;) If you have elevated BP to the point you cannot run, you definitely cannot take any diet pills. A friend of mine has lost about 40 lbs on Nutra System. Another friend of mine has lost about 20 at Weight Watchers. Personally I have taken an Rx diet pill, but its definitely not for everybody or a long term fix. I felf really drained by the the 3rd month. I lost all my baby weight, but I am still about 15 over my original weight before trying to get pregnant. I have been off the pills for about a month and have maintained my weight. It's my own fault I haven't lost more. I have been eating things I shouldn't (or too much of them anyway) and not excersizing.


mosley12 - February 20

he says he wants the me who "loved life" back, but than he went on to tell me about a neighbor of ours that i cant stand because she's a know it all, having lost weight. my bp is better now, because i was on meds. i just want a little something. im starting the carb diet again tommorrow. i was on it for a long time before i got pregnant, and stayed around a size 6


Shea - February 20

I gained a LOT of weight from when dh and I were dating, and I do think that it has changed my personality, and probably effected our relationship. Particularly if you are depressed about your weight, it will affect your att_tude about "loving life" But you really have to lose the weight because YOU want the old you back, or it will never stay off.


annabanana - February 20

hi how are you. When I was pregnant i hit 207. I have lost 40 ibs and have another 20 to go. I have been taking internal flush and it cleanses you out, so far in three weeks i have lost 6 ibs. go to the website and check it our or google it out. YOu can buy a bottle at walmart, it basically cleanses you out and makes you go to the bathroom a lot. TMI GOOD LUCK


mosley12 - February 20

shea, i am depressed about the weight..before ds, i was always a size 6, 8 at the most, tan, blonde, nails done always looking immaculate..since ds i just feel soooo blah, and i thik the weight has alot to do with it.


Kena - February 20

I saw your pic on myspace, you are beautiful! The hell with him.


Shea - February 20

It's easy to blame the guy for being a jerk, most likely he sees that you are not happy with yourself, and just doesn't know how to communicate it in a good way. Is there a good way, really? If you've done low carb, check out fat I felt amazing when I was on it.


AshleyB - February 20

I agree with Kara. The "old" you back? People evolve..... that's part of life and growing up. Have you ever heard the song "One Hot Mama" ? That's how he should be, not the way he is. I also must say that you should NOT take anything if you are having issues with your BP.!!! That can be very dangerous!! Just try to make yourself happy and be who you want to be, not what anyone else wants you to be, and if he loves you and you're happy, then he'll be happy with you too.


mosley12 - February 20

you guys, he hasnt told me i need to lose weight, he just said he wants the old me, who loved life, back. and since having ds, i havent been the same. i love ds to death, but im not as happy as i was. he makes me happy, btu i dont kow..its hard to i get upset over my weight, and i am losing the weight, its just taking to long..i was always one of those "perfects" before ds, so its really hard for me to take not being one, so i think if i can get back to how i was, i will be happier. my bp is well within the norm now, just high for what i was before i got pregnant. im going to a new dr. next week to talk about maybe getting on soemthing to help me. my other dr. wouldnt give me anything because my bp was about the norm, but now thats its within it, i might be able to get something!


mosley12 - February 20

he's told me over and over he thinks im still beautiful, but than like today, when he mentioned a neighbor i cant stand lost weight and is looking good, it just makes me think if i can get back to looking like i did, things would just be better


mosley12 - February 21

im going to be going to the mall and health store in a bit...any more suggestions?


jacksonsmommy - February 21

Mosley -- I know how you feel about the weight. I got up to 172 when I was pregnant. My son is 4 months old now and I'm down to 138. I would love to lose 20 more pounds but it's so hard! My friends lost a ton of weight using Adipex. Check it out online.


vonzo - February 21

i've never tried weight loss pills and personally never would, im too scared of what they might do to me! i'm on a rosemary conely "diet" i fell off the wagon for a couple of weeks but i stepped back on it on Sunday, todays Wednesday and i've lost 5 lbs already. The first 2 weeks i did it i lost 10lbs and feel so much healthier and better about myself. If you would like any tips or recipes just yell :o) xx


vonzo - February 21

oh just thought i'd add be careful trying out diet pills because some of them contain speed which is what actually causes you to lose the weight. I cant remember the chemical name for it but im sure if you googled it you'd find info on it :o)


aurorabunny - February 21

I asked my doctor about this a while back because I was so frustrated with not being able to lose....but he reminded me that even if some of them do work the side effects aren't worth it. None of them are healthy or good for you.


Lanaya - February 21

Hey, so I'm going through something similar. I was never tiny, but I was a nice decent size before my two babies I had 13 months 10 days apart. Anyways, I do excercises everyday, I do about 120 sit ups a day, I walk up and down my stairs 30 times a day (yes over and over, the 30 doesn't include when I have to though like to go to the bathroom). Anyways, I do all that, and lift some weights and I also do some tummy exercises. The one works really well I could explain it if you want to hear it. Anyways, with all of this, I have been eating when I want to how ever much I want to, and I have been losing like crazy. I just don't eat ANY junk, no chips, cookies, chocolate or anything. I'm also taking a natural supplement called Green Tea Capsules. It's the same as drinking like 6 gla__ses of green tea. Green Tea flushes out all the bad and increases your metabolism. You just take 1 capsule twice a day with a meal. It's actually decreased my appet_te too. Anyways, it's working for me, and I got them in the drug store part of the grocery store in my town, I'm sure you can find them just about anywhere. Hope it helps you! Let me know if you would like me to tell you about that tummy exercise, it helps get rid of the bluby tummy. :)



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