Dieting While Breastfeeding

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gabby509 - August 5

My son is 9 weeks old and I am exclusively br___tfeeding him. The problem is that I have such a ferocious appet_te that I have actually been gaining weight. I lost 20 lbs immediately after having him, but since I've been home I've gained 10 of it back. I am wondering if it will hurt my milk supply to go on some type of diet. I did the weight watchers points system in the past and did really well with it but I don't want to do it if it will decrease my supply. Anyone else going through this? I can barely stand to look at myself in the mirror.


gabby509 - August 5

Oh and also I know that my weight gain is because I make bad food choices, and eat bigger portions than I should, it isn't water weight.


newlywed0915 - August 5

oh Gabby, all b___stfeeding Moms are on the same page when it comes to eating. We're all always starving and carbs always sound the best!!! Also, our bodies seem foreign now that there isnt a nice solidbaby int here. Everything seems out of shape...literally. I read that our bodies take on a "new" shape after birht..andits not extra weight...its because we truly do take on a different shape. The hard part is learning to love and embrace our new figures.That will take time...but in the meantime...Talk to your OB..jsut call him or her and ask what safe diesting you can do. I was debating doing "thezone" diet with my DH because he has to do it for medical reasons,but my OB told me without complex carbs, my milk supply would diminish significantly. I could do it, but she told me to make sure I kept a lot of whole grains in my diet and continue to eat bread.You can make little snack on trailmix or granola bars and fruit. Peanut b___ter is great and filling. Eat lots of lean meats..and snack on tht throughout the day too. Lunch meat, chicken.....and dont fret too much about it. Just try to eat everything in moderation. I know its ate two big platefuls of fried rice just yesterday. MMMMM...i love carrrrbs. Also, if you want to pump and dump for 24 hrs, you can jumpstart your weight loss with a slimming seaweed body wrap.It takes inches off your problem areas.


Sprinkles - August 5

Gabby how funny after our conversation the other day I was thinking the same thing about diet lol and i looked it up online and all haha but i was reluctant about posting on here hhaha u know why !! lol I know for me its more that I need to exercise - i could use to change how i eat too but Im not worrying about that part now - I am just going to eliminate soda and all the ice tea I drink and primarily drink water - I found that I LOVE dasani with lemon so i want to start drinking that alot and exercising and that should be good enough for now. Good luck girlie !


Sprinkles - August 5

christie whats this seaweed thing? how do you do that?


Sprinkles - August 5

and why do you have to pump and dump for it?


sarah21 - August 5

Do the weightwatchers for nursing moms. I have been doing that and have had no problems with my milk supply. And I am so with you. Breastfeeding makes you STARVING all the time. I told my husband I had never experienced hunger until I began b___stfeeding. As long as you lose weight slowly and by eating the right foods (all the fruits and vegetables you want with plenty of whole grains) then you will lose weight, be healthier, and keep your milk up. Also try exercising a bit more. I am holding onto 10 pounds of stubborn baby weight, plus have plenty more to lose, but it's starting to go away now.


fefer1 - August 6

that's interesting about the complex carbs - i was told to cut out all wheat when I was BF-ing my dd because of reflux - they thought maybe she had an allergy. Never told me it could decrease my supply - it didn't either by the way. Yes - I have to agree that exercise is key to losing weight. You HAVE to do it. Anything - walking every day -just do something - and watch your portions and stick to lower fat things. Gabby - you have to watch what you eat too don't you?? Celiac disease or something, right??I have been watching how MUCH I eat and not eating c___p anymore. It's soooo hard! I eat popcorn with no b___ter, no cookies or chips anymore, no candy in my house, no dessert - but I will have some sweets every now and then to avoid a binge. I try to buy healthy sweets - things like oatmeal cookies that don't have gobs of fat in them - or loading up on fruit or making fruit smoothies with plain yogurt and all sorts of fruits. NO sugar added. It's hard but hey, isn't a diet DIE with a T??? :) haha...I didn't know their was a weight watchers for b___st feeding moms. Also, the seaweed wrap - you probably have to pump and dump because it is a detoxifying wrap - bad for baby. That's why you have to be careful dieting too - toxins are released when you lose too much too fast.Just read that somewhere. after all my exercise and weight lifting and eating right - I'm still at 151. I was at 125 prior to baby #2, 120 before baby#1. I'm ok at 125-130 - just have a ways to get there. I figure I have a few pounds of b___b - they are gigantic - so I'm not doing too bad. I can lose another 20 and be ok for a bit. I need to lose at least 10 to get into my clothes!!


Sprinkles - August 6

ahh ok that makes sense - I am actually like a pound or two less then I was before I got pregnant with violet but that isnt saying much lol for me to be like at a weight I would be happy with I think I would have to loose like 40 lbs - I tend to look more at the inches then the scale though so like when I workout I measure and that makes me happy cause i see results faster that way - the scale can be discouraging. Well if you think about it I was like 100 to 120 pounds til i was 19 then I got pregnant with chastidy and have been around 180-198 for the last 11 yrs lol so me losing alot of weight would be incredible and something I havent been able to accomplish in alll these years - More so cause I always knew i wanted one more and i never knew when it wouldhappen so i figured ahh why bother losing weight now and having to loose it again lol now i am done having kids so i cant use that excuse anymore lol! now its just finding the time to work out - and once i start working again that will be hard but I can find a place for it if i want to... and between finding time to work out and then just keeping myself busy i should be ok. Right now i am not working so I am going to do some working out I have been walking lately so I am starting slowly. I did one of those colon cleanse things before i got pregnant and I lost like 8 lbs that way in like 2 weeks I wonder when it would be ok to do that again? I am going to wait til after I stop bf'ing just to be sure cause I have to take this fiber powder and some other herbal stuff that supposedly kills the bacteria in your intestines or something lol i cant remember exactly how it works i have the box in my house and I wont be able to get to it til that guy moves out anyway. Ok rambling - its 9 am i am going back to bed haha ! ttyl



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