Difficulty Changing Diaper

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d - November 1

I know someone who's 8 month old wants to roll over and play and does not like to stay still for a diaper change no matter what toy or song you try to do. Any ideas for this mom?


Shelly - November 1

I hung a mobile over his changing table!!!!


Mommy - November 1

I used to let my little one hold the balmex or powder or anything he doesn't "normally" see. That way he's so inerested in looking at something new he forgets about trying to squirm away from me. Of couse I take it away after, but it's a good distraction.


Kerry - November 1

lol my girl is the same I give her diferent things all the time to try and keep her still .


d - November 2

No, for this infant, no object will do. So 3 people are needed to help put on a diaper. One to hold, one to try to distract and one to change diaper.


nk - November 3

There is never a quick fix for this problem. Different kids need different distractions, but distraction is definately the key. A new toy especially for playing with while changing their diaper might work, singing a song they enjoy, tickling them while you change them, naming their body parts and clothing while you undress and redress them.. find anything that will grab their attention for even ONE second then make it your regular routine. At some point most babies reject diaper changes for one reason or another and the more you stress and make it an ordeal, the more they will reject it and less willing they are to accept it. If they fuss, pretend everything is great and keep on talking or singing like they are listening and one day they will stop and hear you. Making change time bonding time rather than stop playing and get a new diaper time and it will most likely have your child looking forward to it instead of dreading it. Alot of parents also change their child's diaper saying things like "when will you learn to use the potty?" or "time to change you AGAIN...." which says you hate doing it, so why should they like it if you don't? Act like you enjoy it and make a big deal out of it (like - wow you had such a big poop, good for you!) and it will make things easier for diaper time - and later potty time.



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