Dilema Gotta Pay The Bills Gramma

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Deirdra - March 2

Ok! so i LOVE my gram to death she is 78 years old and babysits for me when my scheduale crosses over hubbys! well y coworker had her baby 3 days a ago...a bouncy 8lbs 14 opz...21 1/2 inches long (but he is diabetic)...anywho...so there is 40 hours up for grabs! So im jumping on the oppurtunity, as mine and hubby's scheduales allow....well yesterday i works 12:30 to 8 pm...then today 8:30am to 5 opm then i cam back from 7:30 to 8pm to help close and then tomarrow im working 8:30 am to 8 pm...my gramma is scolding me for being away from DS....am i wrong? i need the money desperatly...i do feel guilty but look at all the time daddy is spending with him? as most of you know he wasnt much help in the beggining...(hes wonderful now)...i want to tell my gram politely to back off but how...without pushing her away or making her upset b/c she does help me so much...do you guys understand? im soryr if it doesnt make sense my mind is in a tizzy....


ash2 - March 2

I would just polietly tell gramma that unless she is paying your bills, then you have to go to work. I wouldnt burn any brifges with her since she is helping you so much. Years ago when they were housewives it was almost unheard of for women to go back to work after having a baby. But women are going back only months after having them for financial reasons.


hello - March 2

Unless its getting hard for her, its hard being young sometimes as kids are a handful... just say its not going to be this full on forever and that you guys really need the money. Let her know you would rather be with your lo then working cause being old school she may think otherwise, just tell her where u would rather be and the hours arent always going to be this way forever..... If she is getting tired could mum possibly mind your little one for a day or your partners mum? Good luck


Deirdra - March 2

Well Hello, My mom lives 1 hour a way maybe more depending on traffic and the weather...so she comes in on saturdays and babysits...and she is also a fulltime student, so its hard for her, i know if she could she would...and Dh mom is a drug addict and was kicked out of our house for overdosing while babysitting!!!! so yea./..no to her...lol...thanks so much ladies..


CyndiG - March 3

I would just say, I know Gram, I hate it too, but it's better for me to be away from him and at work, than with him and him hungry because I have no money. I love you! That's what I would say.... :O}


shelly - March 3

Cyndi.that was a great reply,why can i never think of the good dimplomatic replys lol. i ditto what cyndi said hehe



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