Dinner Last Night For Gt 9 Month Olds

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mayaB - March 2

What did your baby eat for dinner last night?


mayaB - March 2

I'm preparing it right now. I put turnip, squash and chicken in a pot. I'll boil it for 30 mintues or so. Puree it. Then add some cereal, some cheese and some olive oil. What are your recipes???? Does your baby like your cooking?


Cabbie - March 2

My son turned 9 months yesterday. He is almost all on table food now. I fixed "breakfast food" for dinner last night so he had scrambled eggs, bacon, diced carrots, fruit (diced pears and peaches), and a slice of cheese along with a cupof formua.


ashtynsmom - March 2

My dd had garlic breadsticks with pizza sauce, cheese & bacon pizza, yogurt and water.


Renea - March 2

We were at Cracker Barrel, so he had some applesauce, pancakes, and carrots--and a tiny little bit of my ice cream.


Steph - March 2

Spaghetti and a grahmn cracker.


mayaB - March 2

How old are your kids? Do they not need pureed food? My son doesnt look too interested in his dinner these days... help me please with suggestions of what to fix!!???!!! My son has 6 teeth.. but when I put something too big in his mouth he makes throwing up faces.. .. ah. . did you cut the spaghetti up? How did you give the bacon?


Renea - March 2

My son is 11 months. He loves eating "real" food. I just cut it up into bite size pieces for him. Spagetti is one of his favorites.


Emily - March 2

My 8 mos old loves finger foods. She has for the past two months and only has one tooth that she just got last week. She eats anythign she can chomp on with her gums, toast, biscuits, shedded cheese, pasta, cooked soft vegies, cooked soft potatoes, and she loves to suck on popcicles but chews them too….she eats Cherrios and gerber stage three finger foods. Anything she can feed herself is great for her. I even mix up rice cereal with baby food like bananas really think and let her feed herslef. Making it thick helps it to stick to her spoon since she doesn't really get the concept yet. I have a sticky mess to clean up, but she loves it and it keeps her quite while we eat.



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