Discovering His Pee Pee

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GD - January 30

Hi all, This is for the moms with baby boys...i have a one year old who has discovered his pee-pee. He likes to pull it, touch it, play with it.... anyway sometimes he pulls it too hard that i afraid he is going to hurt himself. Yesterday while i was changing his diaper, i noticed he had a scratch almost like i cut on the part between the head of the p__s and his skin, the skin is not really broken but it seems irritated. I am afraid he might get an infection...has anybody else experienced this? should i take him to the doctor for check-up? I was thinking to put Polysporin and see how it heals.. What do you guys think? Any advice? Thanks, GD


ashtynsmom - January 30

No advice, but my 1 year old dd just found her "privates" too. She likes to explore her body in the bath tub at night. She will play with her toes, her belly b___ton, and now her v____a. She just kind of lightly scratches at it, and tries to look down at it. It must be something about this age!! :)


ash2 - January 30

My 8 month old just dicovered his " winkie " too. I probably wouldnt worry about it too much. Any kind of medicine would wash off when he went to pee. Is the skin tore ? I would just definantly just try to keep his hands away from that area during diaper changes. Maybe give him a toy to play with instead, lol


mosley12 - January 30

my 3 month old is to young to intentionally grab it, but about 2 weeks ago DH was changing him and i heard him calling my name sounding freaked out, so i rushed back to ds room and he had gotten ahold of his little pee pee and was just yanking on it like it was a toy! i just asked him what he was doing and he just smiled at the only time its ever happened but it completely freaked dh out..he thought he was gonna seriously hurt himself!


USMC_wife - January 30

My pediatrician said to just not make a big deal about it and the novelty will wear off. It can make them feel ashamed or do it more if you react adversely. Afterall, it's just another body part.


Brittany - January 30

lol gotta love boys, that will be their favorite part of their body forever! I agree with USMC wife, don't make a big deal out of it. It's his body, he is allowed to explore and not feel ashamed. My son is two and I get out of the shower to get changed and he'll stare me down and say boooooobs (I think it's time for me to stop being naked in front of him lol). It's so hard not to laugh though...


ash2 - January 30

Hey GD..wait unill he gets 4 years old and he starts playing with it and it gets erect ! Then he will ask you " mommy ..why is it hard like that "?? ROFL ..It is a very normal thing. I never tell him to stop. It is a normal boy thing to do and they do not need to b told to stop because they will think it is bad, and it certainly is not bad to explore your body parts.



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