Discovering One Fist At A Time Normal

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eclectic66 - October 15

I have a developmental question . My ds is starting to discover hist fist and chewing and sucking on it all the time. He will lift it up and stare at it for a moment and then immediatly in the mouth it But I have noticed that he is only doing it with his right hand. It's as if he has yet to discover his left one exists. Is this normal? I know I can call my pediatrician but I figured I would ask you ladies first and see what your experiences have been with your lo's at this age (12 weeks tomorrow) Thank you in advance for your answers :-)~


wailing - October 15

ECLECTIC--I think that's fine. My ds is 16 wks and used to suck his right thumb and ignore his left hand completely. Now, he sux on both:-) And, since we brought him home, he would only turn his head to the left to sleep and look at things. I was worried at first but now he's fine and looks in both directions ....but still prefers to look left haha!


mlm056 - October 15

My ds is 14 wks and doing exactly the same thing -- it began at 12 wks. He first discovered his right hand -- would stretch out his right arm and stare at his right fist intensely -- had nothing to do with his left hand -- even now he will stare at the right and not the left. The right hand is always the one to grasp at things -- however, both hands will go to his mouth and if I place a rattle near his left hand he will grab on to it and shake it etc. I think it's normal -- our ds' are probably right handed!! I see the ped in 2 wks for our shots -- I will ask then if I still notice the mark difference in his favoritism! GL


wailing - October 15

Oh, and also meant to add that I read in books that as long as they are MOVING both arms and legs alot they are fine. They should move them both when they wiggle around.


eclectic66 - October 16

Ty so much! I feel better :-) I figured it was probably OK, but ya know how it is when someone makes an "observation" and points out that he was only doing it with one hand and it made me suddenly feel like he wasn't


Mrs.Ireland - October 16

My dd is the same way. She was 12 wks yesterday and she lays or sits and stares at her right hand. I try to get her interested in her left hand, but she wants nothing to do with that one right now :-)



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