Disneyworld With An 11 Month Old

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jendean00 - October 1

We will be taking a vacation to Disneyworld in April, my DD will be 11 months old. I am wanting to take a shorter stay there as I fear how tiring it will be on her? My DH does not realize how exhausting this will be for her and wants to stay like we did before we had her. Has anyone vacationed with a 11 month or 1 year old and would like to share there expirenece? I must add we have went every year to Disney except for this year because I was pregnant...so its not like we have never been there


DDT - October 1

Hi, I haven't had any experience myself taking an 11 month old to Disney World, but I have gone myself about 5 years ago. I agree with you. I think your lo will also find it exhausting after the 2nd and maybe 3rd day. How were you guys planning on going on rides with a baby in tow? would you just go one at a time while the other waits with the baby? To me that doesn't sound like fun, and your lo will probably appreciate it more if you went the following year ('09). She will be older and will be able to go on some kiddie rides herself.


jen327 - October 1

We are taking our 4 month old. It is perhaps a bit different because he sleeps in the Bjorn and stroller, can't walk or crawl so he is entertained much easier. Plus we are going for a week and only going to Disney 4 days. We are spreading out our time. We are also staying in a condo so we can cook and stay in at night so he can get a good night sleep. As long as you let her rest and take naps she will be ok, but space out the days so she has some slower relaxing days in between.


jendean00 - October 2

DDT, There aren't that many rides there that we ride maybe 4.It will not bother me if I do not ride them. We might go in 2009 as well, we usually go every year. I just want DH to understand that 3-4 days might be the max with her, instead of 7.


DDT - October 2

Well, I am sure you will have tons of fun. My experience of Disney World is limited as I've only been once and naturally all we did was go on the rides. I am sure theres more to do there than that...I just had no clue there was more than that. I think if you make it a shorter trip as you've suggested it will be just fine.


bubbasmom - October 2

I finally found a fellow Disney lover! I also go every one to two years and my house is full of Disney stuff. I took my son last April at 14 months. He could not walk on his own so spent a lot of time in the stroller. He was able to do a lot of the tamer rides (dumbo, peter pan, pooh, aladdin) and wasn't at all scared by the characters. My advice is to go into the parks early, go back to the room for a late morning/early afternoon nap, and then go back to the park. I would also recommend keeping you daughter's normal bedtime. Also, my son is usally good at restaurants but was tired and hot that a quick meal is really best. Where are you staying? We stayed at the boardwalk.


jendean00 - October 3

We are staying at Port Orleans French Quarter..we have stayed at Port Orleans the last 3 times we went. We like French Quarter and Riverside. Glad you said she could go on the smaller rides. i figured she could but was not for sure. We love Disney, the whole place just makes you happy when you go. I am hoping the characters will not scare, I am sure she will probably be used to them by the time we go but you never know. We have never stayed at the Boardwalk but they said that they have stores there that they do not have at Downtown Disney and Restuarants so we might have to try it out. Did you go to any of the water parks with your LO?


bubbasmom - October 3

We didn't do any water rides. But my son could do a lot of rides at the magic kingdom, including pirates and haunted mansion. He also loved the nemo show (digital) at epcot and he was able to sit through philharmonic at the magic kingdom. Do you know about swapping so both you and your husband can ride? You can tell the ride operator that you want to ride separately and when the ride is done, the person waiting can go. It is good if you want to do rides your daughter can''t go on, like soarin. My husband and I have gone so much, that we didn't mind missing the rides. We were there for our son to enjoy disney. There is so much to do besides ride that it really doesn't matter. We love the whole disney atmosphere!


jendean00 - October 3

Yeah I heard about the parent swap where you get off and go straight to the front of the line...but I am not a big ride person. I never have rode mission space and the others I can live without riding them. I did like soarin, but if its not a big deal if I don't ride this year.



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