Disposable Nursing Pads

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Rabbits07 - June 19

I was just doing laundry and one of my disposable nursing pads made it into the washing machine. When I got it out it was all swelled and 'gel-filled' like the disposable diapers. Does anyone know if they use the same thing in them? I did a search but couldn't find anything telling what's in them (the br___t pads). I've read the stuff in diapers is toxic, so I'm wondering if it's the same stuff is it good to have against my br___t all day and then ds eating from it???


olivia - June 19

What kind of pads do you use? I think a lot of the brands are quite different. Some feel like gel and others like cotton b___s...


Ginny - June 19

I never thought about that. Mine felt cottony, but I don't use them anymore. I don't really leak any more, but also, they made me itch. I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks.


Rabbits07 - June 19

It's the 'Evenflo Contoured Comfort'. Where it had been in the washer (never made it to the dryer) it was all swelled up and felt jelly like. I tore it open after my initial post and it had the little clear gel-b___s like disposable diapers do. I just didn't know if would be the same thing though.


Heather F - June 20

my b___st pads do that just from me leaking alot!


Christy - June 20

I think it is similar to the stuff that is in diapers, but I don't know for sure. Is there an 800# on the pads' box that you can call with questions?


Camilla - June 20

I use the Johnson ones, and they don't have that stuff inside. They just feel 'cottony'. I like them better cuz they are smaller than the Evenflo and I think they look better under T's. No bunching up or anything. Also, there's no plastic in them. But your point about the gel filling was interesting. Never occured to me, some companies might use that. I have no idea if it could be harmful but it doesn't sound appealing.


Narcissus - June 20

Rabbits, you might find this funny - I wore my nursing pads into a public swimming pool and guess what happened?? LMAO!! I added two pads to one side of my bikini top to even out my b___st size. I was horrified when I looked down, while in the pool, and saw gel oozing out of my top and the size of that b___st was HUGE. I was talking to a woman in the pool and I am sure she noticed. It was embarra__sing as all hell.


haymay - June 21

I used the Lansinoh disposable nursing pads and noticed the same thing, when I would leak a lot the pad would turn jelly like...I noticed it because a couple times when I went to fold the pad down to nurse my finger went through it into the jelly (ICK!)...I wondered if it was the same stuff as in diapers also??


Jamie - June 22

A way to avoid the issue - cloth nursing pads. Here is a link to one possible site: http://www.mommynature.com/nursing-pads.html After all, if a disposable one made it into your wash, why not get some that you don't need to worry about? ;-) This site sells them 5 pairs for $10, and offers free shipping to the continental U.S.


Jamie - June 22

OH yah - the dash in the link is supposed to be there, so don't remove it.



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