Do 9 Mth Old Understand Command

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Amy_mommy - February 8

My MIL constantly tells me that when she took care of my niece, she understand where eyes, nose, ears, mouth, eyebrows are if you say them. If you say, where is eyes, she'll point to it, etc at 9 MONTHS????????? i read on the internet that it's toooooooo young for babies to understand that. Do any of you experience that if you say point somewhere, 9 mth old will point somewhere???????? PLEASE HELP, MOMMIES


Emily - February 8

nope but never tried that early. Mary was closer to one year before she knew any of that stuff.....the only thing she could really do at nine months is crawl, ad pull herslef up, as far as understanding, she knew her name (buy so does her sister who is now 7.5 months....) she could do so big, which is a start. If you said how big is MAry, she would raise her arms up......


sahmof3 - February 8

Maybe some do that early, but mine were over a year. Well, my dd was able to crawl over and get her coat, a ball, etc. when asked before a year, btu she was closer to 11 months. I don't think any of them could point out all of their body parts and all of that at 9 months!


Emmie - February 8

My son is nine months old and we always play got your nose and yesterday i was playing got your nose with him and then I took one of his "dolls" and said got your nose and grabbed the dolls nose. He laughed and reached and grabbed at the dolls nose. I dont think that they know what exactly eyes nose mouth are though. I think that nine months is probably approximately when you start to teach that though.


ssmith - February 8

My dd is 9 months, and she knows quite a bit (I think!). If I say "Where's Meg?", she will look for and point to our cat. She also knows the word "baby" and will point to a baby, or a picture of a baby. She knows the word "balloon", and "ball" and will point to them if you ask her where they are. She will raise her arms if I say "up?" She just started signing the sign language sign for "more" when she wants more of something. If you ask to clap her hands, she will. I don't really have any other 9 months old to compare this too....but as a VERY proud Momma....I think this is pretty darn good!


Amy_mommy - February 8

ssmith: do u talk a lot to her?? do u constantly read to her?????????????


ssmith - February 8

Yes, actually I do!!


K - February 8

My dd has been grabbing noses if you ask where someone's nose is since she was 7 months. By 9 months, she could do nose, mouth, cheeks and eyes. At 11 months, she still won't point to her own, but will show you everyone else's nose, mouth, cheeks, eyes, hand or foot on command.


ashtynsmom - February 8

My dd just turned 12 mos and knows eyes, nose, mouth, belly b___ton and ears. She has known other objects for a while- like the dog, or her paci or her cup. If ask for these, she would go and get them. Or if I say, "take it to Daddy" she does, and vice versa with Mommy. Of course she IS a genius!! LOL



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