Do Any Of U Wake Up Screaming So OT

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Narcissus - July 11

OMG I am about to lose it or something. Last night was the 3rd time in one week that I the dh has woken me up in the night bc I am screaming in my sleep. I remember it bc I have been having the worst nightmares. I am not sure what the nightmares are about but they are scaring the living shit out of me. When I wake up, I am freaked out and cannot get back to sleep. Do any of you have this happen? Isn't it the worst feeling to wake up screaming??!!


Soleil_xoxo - July 11

Um it doesnt happen to me but it happens to my dh ... i mean its very frequent he will start screaming really loud. He doesnt really remember the dreams. Dont know what thats all about.


AudreyS - July 11

h gosh i done this a couple of times, and also i have cried in my sleep a couple of times....


Narcissus - July 11

I also have cried in my sleep a few times. I remember feeling so sad when I woke up, like someone I loved was dead.


Mommy - July 11

I do that occasionally. Maybe you have night terrors? I have bad dreams all the time, but only wake up screaming or crying around once a month. I have also accidently beat my DH while asleep, that doesn't go on too long before he wakes me up. Do you eat anything weird before bed? I eat peppers all the time and I think thats part of it. Hmm, strange.


Rabbits07 - July 12

Did you only recently start this? It could be a sleep disorder such as night terrors or it could be a reaction to something going on in your life. Any stressful events happening lately? Any painlful memories from your past been brought up or you been reminded of? Any transitional things, such as a move, new job, going on...even for dh? Sometimes even things that don't bother us on a conscious level are stressful subconsciously. I would evaluate things and see if I could get to the root of the problem in my waking hours....if the night screaming continues I would seek medical attention and they could do a sleep study evaluation...because as moms we all know that being sleep deprived can really take a toll on you (and the waking from screaming will begin to take the same toll)


Christy - July 12

I had a horrible recurring nightmare after I had Ben from which I could not wake myself and it would keep repeating itself four or five times until I finally woke up completely terrified. I think it was a combination of sleep deprivation, stress, and hormones that was causing it. I was afraid to sleep for a little while even though I really needed it. then I haven't had one in a long time and if I never have one again, it won't be soon enough. My dh wakes me up once a week or so because he is yelling in his sleep. It is usually a__sociated with a bad dream or nightmare. He, fortunately, has no problem going back to sleep afterwards, whereas I end up wide awake for a good bit.


Christy - July 12

Oh- and I have cried in my sleep too. Usually it was when I dreamt that somebody died.


Narcissus - July 12

Thanks for all the input. I re-started a medication that originally made me very ill so maybe it's the cuprit. It's called Lyrica and it's an anticonvulsant medication but apparently it's great for nerve pain. I slept well last night (except for the migraine that appeared) and have not had any night terrors for a couple of days now. When they happen, I wake up so terrified & it's really hard to get back to sleep. I am usually convinced that someone is in my home and is going to murder us in our sleep.



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