Do Babies Get Worse Diaper Rash When Teething

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Leahp - May 4

Hey ladies, I've been real upset about my poor baby girl's bottom, it was completely raw the other night with blisters and she was screaming when I would wipe her. Well, my sitter says it's always worse when they're teething. But my sitter has 12 kids at her house at a time and I feel like she's making up excuses for her neglegence. My husband and I are starting to get worried about the kind of care our baby gets, and he use to work for the state and this woman has way too many children for the tiny house she has, she also never let's the kids go outside in the nice weather, what I'm suspecting is to keep it on the down low of how many kids she's really caring for in her home!!! The diaper rash just really started to worry me, and we do keep a certain amount of diapers in her bag to keep track and some days, not even one is missing, but most the time only two are missing out of five.


Ginny - May 4

I know that diarhea (sp?) is more common among teethers, which could possibly lead to diaper rash. But the truth is that your childcare situation does sound suspect. You should be direct and ask her point blank about the state's adult to child ratio guidelines. I have an educator's liscence, but it's been a long time since I've worked ini daycare so I'm fuzzy. But I do know that in my state that the legal amount of children allowed goes down with the age of a child. For children that are teething age, I think the limit is 4 or 5. If I were you I would try to find another childcare solution.


SonyaM - May 4

I know my son did get really bad rashes when he teethed but it sounds more like she isn't being changed enough. If she has 12 kids by herself of different ages then YES she had too many. I have been a day care director (Texas) and there area definate regulations regarding this even for home day cares. Most states have the regulations online for parents to review. I would seriously consdier moving her. If you want to know more just post again and I will try to answer them.


Leahp - May 4

Well, I'm in Missouri and my husband and I interviewed some other care providers and they were only allowed 4-5 children, 2 under the age of one and 3 over the age of one. So I know she's WAY over the limit, she's a real nice lady, but she's getting kind of greedy, I'm just trying to hold out until my hubby can afford to let me stay home, which could be at the end of the summer, becuase I know my little girl has fun there, but I'm really worried when she starts walking. There's been times when I have walked in and she was in the kitchen cleaning where she can't see the kids.


Rabbits07 - May 4

There is not a state in the US that allows a 12:1 child/provider ratio. It definitely sounds like your baby is being neglected in this woman's care. There are days that no diapers are missing...which means your baby has not been changed at all??? How would she like to sit in her own feces and urine for the whole entire day? I would not only remove my child from this woman's care, but I would also notify the authorities (try Social Services, if they are not the correct authority they should be able to tell you who is). Chances are if she is neglecting your baby, she's neglecting the other children in her care also. I would not want that on my consciense. I also have to wonder...if she can't find the time to change your baby, is she finding the time to feed her? play with her? It sounds like your baby may be being deprived in more ways than one. Take action.



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