Do I Close The Store Due To Cold

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LisaB - February 5

Thats the question- I own a maternity/baby boutique and its freakin cold here -16 with -20-30 wind chill. Do I keep the store open or do I close it? No one is going to be out in this weather but if someone (crazy person) does come and I'm closed does that look bad?


jb - February 5

I would close it. I am in Wisocnsin also and I don't think anyone will be out shopping because of the cold. If it was the weekend, then I would stay open, but on a frigid Monday....close it. I would think you would actually lose money staying open, even if you only had a few customers. I was actually planning on meeting my mom at a local mall today and we cancelled because of the cold. I am sure a lot of people are in the same boat.


SonyaM - February 5

I say close the store. Who would be out shopping in that weather???


krnj - February 5

Hi I used to own a dancewear store. I would stay open for a little while to see if anyone comes in and if not close early. You never know who may come in, I found that out! lol


mcatherine - February 5

I cancelled my shopping plans, too and its only -10f with wind chill here. I could manage it, but who wants to take baby out in it? We're still in our pj's - he's napping and I am refusing to do any housework!! If you're losing money by staying open - then I would close. It would be different if it were a Saturday, but a Monday?


Lisastar9 - February 5

I would say leave a note due to the cold weather.,and apologize for any inconviences it may have caused. I have seen this done,in cold weather.


Celia - February 5

I live in Alabama and have no idea what -16 even feels like, so it's easy for me to say stay open lol..... but when I had my Bridal boutique I always stayed open because there was always that one person who would come in no matter what the weather. We live in a small town and if word gets out that you don't keep your hours as posted, it really hurts business.


LisaB - February 5

Celia thats wht I'm afraid of. Augh its a ghost town...


Nerdy Girl - February 5

I am in Chicago, with similar weather to you LisaB. I was surprised that my daughter's preschool is open today with this weather, as a lot of schools are closed. I already ran to the bank and Walgreens this morning... all open and full of customers.


Celia - February 5

It really suprises me that people will get out in weather like that, I hate going out if it get's below 30 lol. I remember when Katrina came through, winds were awful, power was out and people still was out shopping. I know how it feels to sit in a dead store on bad days though, it sucks! Maybe put a sign on your door saying closed due to family emergency?? Not something you can use often but will do the trick every now and then.


LisaB - February 5

I just hate sitting here thinking about how I could be home snuggled up with my lo and losing money on the sitter instead.


Lisastar9 - February 5

LisaB could you bring your lo to work,are there two people manning the store if so you can always sneak out and bring your ds to the sitters if he gets out of hand.


DeeJay - February 5

I own a salon so women come in for their hair in 10ft of snow, (yes I AM serious). But if I had a retail store I would consider what it would cost staying open vs what I may sell. Heat and electric are expensive, also if you have an employee, so if its that cold I would close or shorten my hours.


spamanda - February 5

Lisa are you in Wisconsin too? lol I'm stuck at home and SO tired of the cold here! I'm in La Crosse. I think you're okay to close it, seems like that's pretty standard around here when the weather gets really really awful. Hope you get to go home and be warm!


LisaB - February 5

I'm still at the store I've had 2 customers and a whooping $35 in sales. Yes I am in WI The Fox Cit_tes area. I managed to catch up on a lot of work and cleaning but would much rather cuddle with my lo.



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