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Lou - January 20

: I have started my baby shopping, but I am a first time mom and are confused with all the options. I have received advice from a lot of friends some say go for the umbrella stroller, other say go for a midsize one. Since the Midsize stroller average price is more than $100, I wanted to ask your opinion. Will I really need one with all those nice features? or a simple umbrella stroller will be the best. Thanks!


Britt - January 20

We have a travel system and LOVE it. Its convenient because when my son falls asleep in the truck, we dont have to wake him up to put him in his stroller. We have a Graco one and its light enough that even I can lift it. Yeah, they are a little more expensive but to me its worth it to not have to unstrap the baby from the car seat and then strap him BACK into a stroller especially when he's sleeping.


The real Lissi - January 20

It's confusing isn't it? I opted for the travel system, and I hate it! It's too big. It's very comfortable for the baby of course, but such a pain when you have to go shopping. It gets in everyone's way, and I have to fold down part of the back seat in my car to get it in, not to mention how heavy it is! I've now bought a small, cheap stroller, which is perfect for shopping and car travel. I use the monstrous one for cosy walks round the park, but if I could go back in time, I wouldn't have wasted my money on it. The problem is, you have to actually have a baby, in order to work out what you need. I now walk round the shops, looking at other prams/strollers and wishing I had bought something else. Good luck with your baby, and your shopping! Hope you make the right choice!


Leahp - January 20

My sister-in-law bought my husband and I the combo stroller and we were grateful, but told her to take it back because we wouldn't use it, I'm sorry but those travle combos are ridiculously HUGE!! We just got the jeep umbrella stroller for $30 and it's great, I'm planning on getting a jogger for the neighborhood runs and such but my husband and I thought what's the point of having a child if you're never going to touch them out of convenience, sure she's asleep when we arrive anywhere and we need to put her in the stroller, but the minute we start cruising, she's completely entertained!!


Ginger - January 20

I have one of those carrier things you wear. King loves it. He is right there on my stomach and can see everything and everyone! He loves going to the mall in it. Strollers are WAY too much. You have to find an elevator (can't go up esclator) then if you only have the stair option, one person has to be in the back one in the front. WAY too much. Opt for the carrier. It is a ton of fun. My hubby and I argue who gets to carry him. :) Have fun!


? - January 20

Don't think you can use an umbrella stroller with a newborn


Heidi - January 20

They're nice when their newborns cus you just pop the carseat into the stroller. I love mine. It folds up with one hand and is light and fits right in the trunk of my van. I also got two umbrella strollers for when she's a little bigger and we just want to go for a quick walk or I might leave one at my mom's and grandma's. I like the travel stroller cus it's got a net under it for items and pop holders and a storage container and it reclines if she falls asleep in it. It's nice for going to the zoo, long walks, shopping etc. Umbrella strollers are okay but not the most comfortable things as they don't recline, the little shade dealy isn't very big and they don't last long if you get the cheap ones that cost like $15 but they're handy to have around. If that's all you decide to buy, get a good one that at least reclines cus the ones I have sit up so straight that I can't see her being comfy if she fell asleep in it.


Ca__sieSong - January 20

We bought the Aria model. That is also our daughter's name.... weird, eh? It is not a travel system, but more than just a simple umbrella stroller. Very easy to maneuever and stroll around. It's also light and easy to fold up. It can be used for newborns as well because it fully reclines.


Lou - January 20

I already bought a baby carrier since my husband and me like a lot to go hiking. I'm planning to buy a carseat and the snap'n go. I'm still not sure about the stroller since I don't go to much to the mall, unless it is extrictly necessary.Other than walking aorund the neighborhood and the mall is there another good use??


Meredith - January 20

I really never used the travel system the way you are supposed to. When I go shopping I would just put the carrier in the front of the cart. I do love the stroller, yeah, it's a little bigger, but it has more features. I like the little extras. The Graco one I have is sooo easy to fold up and down. It also fit in the honda civic I used to have with no problem.


Erin - January 20

I think it depends on your lifestyle. I find that I walk everywhere, so the travel system worked best for me. My daughter prefers to sit in the comfy stroller. The umbrollers are wonderful for the mall. I have both, and I'm glad that I got them. I live in a small town, so I needed something with bigger wheels to roll her around on our c___ppy sidewalks!! Good Luck!


Nick - January 21

I agree with Erin. I love the umbrella stroller for short trips to the store, but I do a lot of walking around my village and the umbrella stroller would not be enough.


Jbear - January 21

I'm not very tall, but when I had an umbrella stroller, I ended up walking around hunched over. They make some that aren't as small as umbrella strollers, but aren't as big as the ones in the travel system. I saw one like that at walmart for $30...personally I love my stroller, it's part of an evenflo travel system and it's easy to push, even with one hand, and the basket on the bottom and tray on the top are really convenient. I got it on clearance at burlington coat factory for $60, and I'm now using it with my second baby. Whatever you get, pick something with a dark-colored frame and wheels--they look new longer.


CEM - January 21

I think you will definitely need a stroller. I mean, the sling is great when they're babies, but they don't stay that way forever! I still use my stroller a lot, and my oldest will be 5 soon! The umbrella stroller is great when they're a bit bigger and in the summer, but you can't use it for a newborn. I would suggest getting a "proper" stoller for now and maybe purchase a smaller one down the road, when the need presents itself. I have in my shed, as we speak, an umbrella stroller, a carriage-type stroller, a double stroller, and various other stroller sibling seat attachments, boards for the big one to stand on, and the list goes on. But you will end up using your stroller for a long time. Trust me!


Lou - January 23

Thanks for all the advise, after visiting babiesrus I decided to go for the baby carrier, the snap'n go and a lighteight stroller, there are some that have nice features like cupholders, they recline and have storage space. I love the gracco stroller, but it is way too heavy for me, 28 pounds! I don't want to get my back hurt by trying to get that thing in and out of my car (I don't have a van) I prefer to stick with the models within a weight range of 10-12 pounds


Hannah - January 23

I think it depends on where you live and how much you will use it. If you live in the city, you must have a solid comfortable midsize stroller. if your baby will be in a car mostly then you might settle for something smaller.


keeks - January 23

Well, I went and bought the peg perego carriage. I used the carriage part as a ba__sinet for the second floor. So I would say yes. It depends on your lifestyle and your budget. Get the stroller that fits you. Only you will know for sure....Good Luck



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