Do Newborns Do Anything Else Besides Eat Sleep And Poop

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Christy - November 29

Well, do they? Ben is awake for a little bit a few times a day, but no more than a couple hours here and there. When he is awake, I try to talk/sing/read to him and play with him, but we are limited in what he can do at this time. When do they start becoming more active?


Maria - November 29

Hi Christy, well, my daughter just turned 6 weeks today (also my birthday!) and she is more alert now. She sleeps well during the night and only gets up to feed, and during the day, she has her eyes open, looking everywhere. She doesn't sleep as much during the day. This started about a week ago. Before, all she did was eat and sleep and wet diapers, like Ben is doing. Now she is wide awake during the day. Glad that it's during the day and not the night!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 29

My son never slept as a newborn. He really does not now at 3 months! I keep hearing about all these babies that do nothing but sleep. Wonder what happened to my kid.....LOL!!! They do get more active around two months or so. My son is a lot of fun these days. Laughing and talking and trying to roll over, and grasping toys, and teething. It gets better! And more fun!


Shannon - November 29

my baby is 5 weeks old and when she's not eating, sleeping or pooping then she's mostly crying. after her naps she has about a 30-45 min period where she's pretty alert and happy and looking around at stuff but then she gets cranky and fusses then screams until she falls asleep again.


monica - November 29

my first slept all day and night. my second one never slept until 3 months. he would be up most of the day and most of the was a happy yours sleeps. we will be more active after 2 months


Jbear - November 29

They start becoming more social between 6 and 8 weeks, smiling in response to you talking to them and kicking and wiggling their whole bodies when they're happy. It gets easier to play with the baby once he can hold his head up, and especially once he can sit up on his own.


Christy - November 29

I don't want to force him to be awake or anything- you know, let sleeping babies lie. :) I just want to be sure that I am not doing something that I should be doing with him. I figure he will become more alert progressively over the next few weeks and months.


*** - November 29

yep, they cry too


Christy - November 29

Of course, how could I forget the crying? LOL!


Jenn... - November 29

Just hang in there, in about 2-3 weeks Ben will be smiling and maybe starting to coo =)


Sarah - November 29

Natalee has just now started being more active, cooing etc... in the past 2 weeks. She will be 3 months on wed. It goes by so fast. Enjoy anytime he is sleeping. I would if Natalee took a nap sometimes!!


Sarcasim - November 29

I think they open their eyes too.


Lissi - November 29

It all starts to change at around 6 weeks, when they start really smiling at you and it becaomes possible to interact. Nadya started doing something new every day, until she got a cold and just went back to doing nothing for a week, She's 2 momths now and has anothr bloody cold, it's so annoting, because it seems to put her development on hold for a while, and I'm impatient to find out what she's going to do next! It won't be long before Ben is smiling at you and pretending to talk to you. I love it when they do that! :)


TC - November 30

Oh yeah! Just like the ladies said. You wait until your little one is about 2mos and he going to be a different baby. Daniel will be 3mos on Wed. and we can't shut him up!! LOL!!! He "talks" and laughs all day long. Sometimes he would sit in his bouncy and stare at us waiting for us to say something. When we do, he cracks up and start talking back. He is a lot of fun, but sometimes if I am trying to watch something on TV, I have to turn it up bc he soooooo loud. Wow!!! I think I really LOVE being a Mommy. Don't you guys? Babies can be so much fun.


Heidi - November 30

Emma is 7 wks old and I'm amazed at how alert she's become in such a short time. When I get up I look in her crib and say good morning and she just smiles and makes funny noises. She tries to talk now and sounds like a little seal and it's so d__n cute! Some days she still sleeps a lot but some days she's up a lot. She only cries when she's hungry or ga__sy. For the most part she's a very good baby.


Christy - November 30

Hey, Sarcasim (sic)- you got anything useful to say or some real input? I am sorry if my question seems silly to you, but this is my first kid and I have no idea if his activity level is within normal limits and I want to know when he'll be more active. If you are going to be sarcastic and rude, then don't bother posting a response to my questions, okay?


Karen - December 1

ENJOY the slppe time now. My son is now 3 months and went through a period where he did not sleep night or day. That lasted for about two weeks. He got more active and alert about a month ago.



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