Do Not Buy These High Chairs

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sphinx - January 9

Hey everyone. I sent an email to the company but they are not taking me seriously. So I want to warn as many people as possible about COSCO HIGH CHAIRS. The chair is called Beginnings Simple Start and they are sold at Wal-mart and K-Mart. I chose them for my twins because they were the cheapest ones I could find and buying 2, well... I was on a budget (but am regretting it now) The "safety" straps in the chair are not adequately anchored to the back of the chair and allow the babies to manauver out of them, allowing the babies to stand. The baby could fall. AND, when the babies start walking, the trays are within reach and the babies can stand, reach up to grab a tray and it will come crashing down because they don't anchor on well. I know high chairs aren't supposed to do this. We have 2 other brands of high chairs at my mother in laws house that are safe and do not have these problems. The Cosco company told me that I need to supervise my children and they are not in the wrong. I thought their att_tude was very rude. I'm luck my twins have never fallen out and if I weren't supervising them, they might have. Now I have to tell as many other moms as possible about this so everyone who has one is very careful and those who were considering buying one will know about this hazard.


ImpatientMommy - January 9

Wow... I can't believe that they would say something so rude to you. Even those people who do write the company and ARE clearly wrong (not saying you are!) they usually are required to not say something like that but to offer their apologizes and what not. You were in the right here. Thanks for letting everyone know of this potential danger!


sphinx - January 9

I also made a myspace bulletin and am asking other ppl to tell their friends. I've also posted on ivillage and included a picture of the chair there.


sahmof3 - January 10

Wow! That's ridiculous of them! You should file a complaint with the Consumer Products Safety Commission (a__suming you are in the U.S.?). If you have this problem, I'm sure others have, too. Enough complaints to them could get Cosco to step up and issue a recall.


sphinx - January 10

Yes, I am in the US... one lady on ivillage who responded to my post said her daughter fell out of the chair. Would you mind telling me how I might go about filing the complaint with the Consumer Products Safety Commission?


Malica - January 11

Not to defend them in the least, but the way they replied to you is because if they said anything along the lines of sorry, or in anyway admitted that they were even a hair in the wrong, they can be held liable for knowingly endangering (or even hurting) a child. CPSC(dot)gov is the site you want -- there's a link/instructions for how to contact on the list of links on the left side of the page.


jennifer_33106 - January 11

Our little girl in due this feb and that is te high chair we were looking at getting. I really appriciate you putting this up and we will be going with the slightly more expensive graco brand one. Thanks again.


sphinx - January 11

I filed a complaint with them. Thanks for your info. I also posted the link on ivillage for the other moms who needed it. I posted pics of the high chair, specifically the belts and why they are flawed. Its too bad I can't post pics here because its hard to explain it but if any of you hang out at ivillage, the posts are there under babies 1st year and multiples madness boards. I have a graco one at my mother in laws and we love it. Its one of the wooden ones. I'm not sure if they are still made now. And I can't remember what the 4th chair's brand name is... But about Cosco, it would be an easy fix to just replace the belts with new ones. And make sure everyone knows to not leave the trays on when babies are walking around the chairs so I can't understand why they will not accept that their chairs are hazardous.


wailing - January 15

thx so much



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