DO NOT Get Baby Pics Made At Olan Mills

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Rabbits07 - June 12

I made a post on Saturday about going to pick up my ds's pics and she said they hadn't arrived yet and I thought she was lying to me....well, anybody who read it knows the story. Anyway, I called customer service for their main office this morning and found out my order was delivered to that studio on Friday, June 10 and signed for...I knew she was lying!!! Of course, I'm still irked because the lady on the phone acted like it was no big deal. I explained to her that I was told that my order hadn't been received and how she went online and told me first that they hadn't even shipped yet, when I knew they had, then she changed her story. And she was like,"well, they are there." So I asked her what exactly I was suppose to do seeing as how they claim that they aren't there. And she tells me that I just need to tell them that yes they are there. Now if that isn't c__ppy customer service I don't know what is! And the worst part of it is that studio is closed on Mon & Tues, so I can't even go back up there until Wednesday. When I do go I'm going to point blank ask her why she lied to my face. It is probably a good thing they aren't in until Wed. because I am so boiling mad right now it probably wouldn't be a good thing. I HATE being lied to. I know they must keep a record of the orders when they come in, so I guarantee that she knew they were lost. And of course I know she lied about the order status. I plainly asked if my portraits were lost...."OOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOO!", she says. I can't wait to hear what kind of story I get when I tell her that I know she lied. I guess I must sound awful! I generally am a nice, quiet person, but looking me in the eye and lying right to my face is just something I cannot stand! I think it is totally uncalled for. I think a simple, "I'm sorry, but we can't seem to find your order here. It was received, but we seem to have misplaced it. If you'd like to wait while we look some more, or we can call you when it's found. Again, we are so sorry,", would have sufficed.


Rabbits07 - June 12

Sorry, that's June 9.


Ginny - June 12

Rabbits07, I know exactly what you mean! I HATE lying! It's like you are a__suming I am an idiot that will believe anything or that I'm too weak to handle the truth. I'm like you, generally nice, but I would raise stinkin' cane until they gave you your money and the pictures. I had a problem once that was actaully not their fault(mailman left my pictures in the rain - in an envelope CLEARLY labeled PHOTOS), and they gave me an entire extra set of pictures. Do what it takes!


austinsmom - June 12

that kind of thing makes my blood boil as well......I get so annoyed at people who cannot seem to say "I do not know" or I am sorry I understand it might be hard to tell someone this but to lie point blank or give info that is untrue exactly what does that solve? You might be a little upset the pictures are lost but now you are flaming and it could have been so much simpler....ahhhh people we will never understand everyone put on this world ya just have to try and get along........... if they cannot find those pictures......go get them girl and nothing less that a new sitting with free pictures including more that you originally ordered would suffice....


Nerdy Girl - June 12

They owe you something for your inconvenience and trouble - a free future sitting or some free prints.


Bonnie - June 12

I agree with Nerdy Girl. They caused a big incovenience for you and w=one that you [robably would have understood had they at least been up front and apologetic about. They owe you something for your inconvenience.


HannahBaby - June 12

i k now your p__sed, but i would just go and get your pictures, and not make a big deal and confront her (espically if you have your babies with you) Its not going to get you anywhere, and while you may feel better, you dont know the entire situation with the girl who lied to you (maybe she was new?) Thats the way places run, if she told you, "yea, we have them but i have no idea where they are" you would have freaked on her so she was just trying to buy sometime to look for them. I know that it sucks but i really dont think she was lying to you to be a b___h, she was just trying to buy sometime so that she could find them.


Ginny - June 12

I've worked service jobs and , I can say that if you are nice but firm about being dissapointed in a service the company will want to make it better - they would like to avoid the bad publicity (like this thread, haha!).


Rabbits07 - June 12

Well, I know she isn't new because I remember her doing pics there before the Olan Mills studio was put in (it's in a K-Mart) and that was many, many years ago. I'm sure it is their policy not to volunteer that portraits are lost, but I specifically asked if they were lost...and I wasn't hateful about it in anyway. Of course, I'm sure they have people get very angry and go off on them, but I was very polite in asking if they were lost, so I should have received a truthful answer. I don't plan on going Wednesday and making a huge scene or chewing anyone out...that's not my style...but I do intend to ask her why she lied to me.Mostly because I've not had the first person offer me an apology from the lady at the studio for my order supposedly not being there and me making a trip for no reason, and no apology from the customer rep this morning for the fact that I was lied to about the whole thing. Nobody has offered me an apology, much less any kind of rest_tution for all the inconvenience. If I go in Wed. and don't ackowledge that I know I was lied to they will make like everything is just hunky-dorry and it isn't.


Marlene - June 12

You do not sound awful Just mad and you have every right to be!!!! I hope you get your pictures when you go on Wednesday.


pbj - June 12

Hey just to add to that. I had my dd pictures done at picture people during Christmas and most of them turned out terrible. They have really cute poses and props that they use, but the photographers are not professionals. Of course, I found this out after the fact. Most of the pictures came out blurry, but I will say several of them turned out so d__n cute. The one thing that is cool about picture people is that your proofs are shown to you same day, but it does seem like a big cluster funk...maybe it's only that way during Christmas.


TinaMarie - June 12

I am so sorry that happened, you have every right to be mad!!!



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