Do U Ever Get Jealous Iam Feeling So Right Now

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sherry - November 10

i have a beautiful daughter who i love more then life. she is 3+ months now. thing is, i know iam mommy, and i assumed she'd bond with me best, i suppose. i sing to her, love her up, and do all i can. i know she cares about me, but i can't help but be jealous that when my hubby has her, she appears to be more happy, and she cries more, when she is with me, or at least it surely seems so lately. i know it's really stupid to feel jealous, but i want to feel special to her, and sometimes i sort of do, and other times, i feel like if i dropped off the face of the planet, she'd never know or care. what is wrong with me? i do want her to love her daddy of course, but i want more recognition i suppose, eventhough she's so young, and i know time might change things, i hope. anyone ever have these feelings, and do you think they will pass or get worse. i don't wanna compete in my home, for my baby's love and attention. iam a sensitive person, and also pms-ing right now, which doesn't help things for sure. urrggghh...thanks in advance for any replies. sherry


Katie - November 10

I feel for you sherry. Your daughter loves you- your her Mommy!!! I don't know how much your hubby takes care of her, but you are probably with her much more than he is. You get it all the good and bad times. It will always be like that and she will love all the more for it. She is still learning who everyone is. Babies don't play favorates at this age. Little girls are often smitten with their Dads- they don't see them as much. But you will always be #1!!!


Mommy - November 10

In my family I'm actually in 3rd place. Sure I do ALL the feeding, all the changing, all the chasing, EVERYTHING, yet first place is daddy, then second place goes to POPO (their grandpa) then they go to me. I'm not sure why it's like this. I have never been jealous but I'm pretty sure it's normal because my sister was jealous of her husband because her son played with him more. I am used to this so it don't bother me. I bet things will change for you when she gets older. :o)


lol - November 10

same here sherry. My bub loves her daddy. She doesn't even say mama. When she sees her daddy she lights up like a xmas tree. She can also say her aunt's name. I think its becaseu we are together all the time. As the saying goes "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"


TC - November 10

Don't fret honey, you serve such an important purpose in her life. Maybe the reason why she cries more when she is in your arms is bc she knows that you can soothe her better. Don't we all need someone who we can sit down and have a good cry with. Mommies and Daddies serve different needs in a baby's life. Don't try to compete with your husband bc you being you is exactly what she needs. Little boys and girls alike tend to go to Daddy when they want to play and go to Mommy when they need their custodial needs met or when they just need to cuddle. P.S. Thank the heavens that PMS only comes once a month!!! ;D


Wild and Crazy - November 10

I am even more hopeless than that I am jealous of everyone I am even jealous that you have PMS and I don't lol I am such a loser lol Don't worry the word mom is the human translation for God in every childs hearts and minds ... I got that one from the movie the Crow with Brandon Lee although its true anyway .


Lissi - November 10

My baby is only 7.5 weeks old, and she already seems to smile more when her daddy is home. Just the sound of his voice makes her beam from ear to ear. I think it may be because I worry about her all the time and she senses the tension in me. DH is always more relaxed, and of course, she doesn't get to see him as much either, so he's more exciting to her. When she's truly upset though, because she needs feeding, I know that I'm the only one she wants, and that makes me feel special. Don't worry. Your daughter loves you and needs you more than anyone.


Jbear - November 11

Babies go through phases where they're more interested in one parent than the other. Probably your daughter is interested in her dad because he doesn't do as much with her as you, so he's something new to explore, now that she's getting really interested in her surroundings. You'll have plenty of time when she's going through the mommy's girl three year old has been doing that for a year, won't hold my husband's hand or do anything he says, but she'll imitate everything I do.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

My son prefers me and it is getting worse. Last night I handed him to daddy so I could have a break and as soon as my dh took him Lucas started crying and screaming. My poor hubby was crushed! He loves his little man. I had to take him back and calm him down. It makes it really difficult for me to go take a shower these days because my dh is struggling with a crying baby while I am in the other room, trying to get 5 minutes of peace. I work, so it's not like I am with him all day. I know I am mommy, and there is nobody better, but I feel bad for my husband who wants to be as big a part of it, and for myself sometimes when I need to get a few things done! But secretly I love that he prefers me.


P - November 11

My bf doesn't live with us so when he comes over my daughter Quinn clings to him like a little monkey!! It's too funny! I make like I'm going to take her just so I can see her hold him tighter and bury her little face in his neck. It makes me laugh and gives dad a boost too. I'm not jealous because I know she still loves me best. If I didn't feel that way I'd be really jealous too. I just about died the first time she put her arms out for me to take her.



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