Do You Amp Your LO Have A Song

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ssmith - March 1

To follow up on the "you & DH's song" post.....does anyone have a special song for you & your LO? I have two. The first one is "A Night Like This" by Tomi Swick. I can't listen to it because it makes me cry. Reminds me of being in the hospital having dd. I am tearing up right now just thinking about it. The other one is "Into the Mystic" by Colin James. DD & I dance together to that one everytime I hear it on the radio.


krnj - March 1

SSmith, Dh & I love Into the Mystic too! The song we danced to at our wedding is At Last by Etta James though. My DS LOVES Wearwolf of London! LOL


ssmith - March 1

At Last is our wedding song too!!! OMG!!


ashtynsmom - March 1

We have several.... The song I used to sing to her to get her to sleep is "You are my sunshine". Our "songs" are Milkshake ( My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...) LOL and Gonna Get Ya ( One way or another... I'm gonna get ya, gonna getch, getcha getcha....) I love the song Hannahbaby had on her page with the video of her daugher, too, but I don't know the name, or the words. Just reminds me of Ashtyn- not "our song" though!


mandee25 - March 1

Our songs are "Tim Mcgraw" by Taylor Hicks and "Godspeed sweet dreams" by the Dixie Chicks. I love to sing him those songs.


piratesmermaid - March 1

"Dani California" and "The Zepher Song" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Gretchen likes the Zepher song the best, I guess it's the beat, and Dani California is the first song I ever sang to her.


ash2 - March 1

Well my and DH 's song to our kids is " My wish " from Rascel Flatts....but some of the ordinary songs are " you are my sunshine " and The barney song..." i love you,.....


CyndiG - March 1

Carlie and my song is a made up Elmo's World song...."la la la la, la la la la, Mommy's world, Mommy loves her Carlie and Sissy too, they're mommy's world!" She brightens up each time I sing it to her.


Nerdy Girl - March 1

I made a slideshow of photos of my son's arrival set to the song "Greatest Discovery" by Elton John. I have an older child, and the lyrics of that song are about the arrival of a new baby boy told from the perspective of the older sibling. It made my cry when I was pregnant.


lizzy11 - March 1

Well, you're going to think I'm totally wierd but, here goes. The song "Smack that" by Acon and em reminds me of my DD. There's a story behind it. Two days before my DD was born, DH and I were just lying in bed talking and being silly. Then he started singing the smack that song. After one "smack that" he smacked my but playfully. Two seconds later, my water broke! How funny is that? lol. Now everytime I hear that song it makes me laugh and think of that time and DD.


Aussie Beck - March 1

My dd likes " I don't feel like dancing " by the Scissor Sisters. She starts bopping along when she hears it. She also loves it when I sing "eency weency spider" to her. She puts hers hands up in the air trying to follow my actions lol.


SonyaM - March 1

Godspeed and Can't live without you


BaileysMummy - March 1

My ds loves the song smack that :) Everytime he hears it he starts dancing, he's such a little groover


LollyM - March 1

we like "bicycle built for two" =P I sing it to dd and she loves it..


aurorabunny - March 1

Ds loves the Beatles, especially Yellow Submarine but the lullaby I've always sang him is the "Go to sleep little baby" off the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, I'm not even sure who it's by...maybe Alison Kraus?


AnytimeLittleone - March 1

Ok, im a nerd.. but I sing made up songs to my dd. Like.. "Bare nakey.. bare nakey baby, ham and bacon (grab thighs) ham and bacie baby.." and "Eva Mae, is a pretty little girl, she loves her mummie, yes she dooooooooes!". She cracks up with either song. As far as songs that have a sentimental meaning for me.. INXS Afterglow was playing on my way to the hospital, and then played right after she was born. Beautiful song.


kellens mom - March 1

When Kellen was colicky, our song was "Big Girls Don't Cry"! She and daddy have a song that they dance to (Okay...daddy dances while holding dd). It is a song from the Little Mermaid..."Go On and Kiss the Girl". He kisses her everytime the song says to. They are adorable!



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